A throwback to one of my first shoots for Perfect 10 SF. Wow, that seems like such a long time ago!


There are some things that I need to purchase, yet somehow I get too distracted, lazy, or simply just don't want to spend the money on it (mostly because I've already spent too much money on shoes, lipstick, or my hair care routine).

Here are the things that I'm realizing I can't without for very much longer:

Bra: // I need a new bra because all of my other pre-pregnancy bras don't fit. Not because I'm getting a bigger chest, I'm getting a bigger back! I think I finally fill out the cups, but the bra is too tight around. I hope this isn't getting a little too "50 Shades of Grey" for you. Ha. JK I usually buy all of my bras at Gap Body. I just need to trek over the Chestnut Street location and pick one up. I'm looking at this one. 

Wallet: // The zipper on my wallet broke a few weeks ago and I've been carrying my cards around in my pocket, a ziplock bag, and now an old coin purse. I need something that is compact so it can fit in my pockets when I'm walking around Stow Lake. I also don't want to spend a lot of money on a wallet because it seems crazy to me to have spent more money on a wallet than there is money in there. I think this one fits the criteria.

Boot socks: // The only socks I wear are Asics from Sports Basement. They come in packs of three: two white pairs and one black pair. This is the brand's way of trying to get you to buy more packs so that you have more white socks since no one wears black work out socks, right. I wear black work out socks almost every day with my black Tory Burch boots. Trick is on them! But when I trying on Chloe boots at Neiman Marcus (that actually made my foot look ginormous) and I expose my foot and have a black sock with neon green Asics logo, I think maybe I should get my life together.


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