Before we left the sunny skies of San Francisco, I was adamant that Jesse get some new clothes for New York. Jesse has great natural style and charisma and looks great in anything. I wasn't trying to give him a makeover (although, I'm happy to do that for any guy you know who might need one), I wanted him to get warmer clothes. During the work week he usually wears comfortable pants like these from Rag & Bone and a BuildingConnected polo or a collared shirt like these from East Dane.

The New York weather has been cold, but bearable, except for today! It has been absolutely FREEZING! We were outside for literally three minutes and we were frozen. We were both saying that we wish we had even heavier coats, like these from Canada Goose. There pieces are so luxurious, but also so necessary in this weather.

I have to admit, he looked pretty amazing today in his gingham shirt, peacoat (similar ones here), and Chukkas. All guys should have a pair of Chukkas-- they look good on every single guy and instantly make him look more put together. One of Jesse's favorite shoe brands is Wolverine 1883. It always makes me laugh when we are shopping downtown or online and he says, "I feel like I should have better shoes, I'm married to Perfect 10 SF!" 

I've noticed a lot of differences between San Francisco and New York and I can't wait to share them all next week. I guess the biggest thing I've noticed when it comes to men's style is that in SF, most hats on men are Giants baseball hats. Here everyone is wearing heavy-duty warm accessories: gloves, hats, scarves. After my run-in with today's cold weather, I completely understand!

I can't wait to celebrate Valentine's Day with Jesse this weekend!!! I hope everyone has a great Valentine's weekend!!! xoxox