Happy Thursday from New York!!! I am here for a few meetings, fashion week, and we decided to turn it into our baby moon! Honestly my days are all confused because I took the red eye out on Tuesday night. It's Thursday, right? I CANNOT wait to share my tips for traveling during pregnancy and packing for cold weather next week!

Yesterday I walked all around the city while Jesse had business meetings, I took a glorious nap, went to a fashion week dinner hosted by Polyvore at ABC Kitchen. You can follow my Perfect 10 NY adventures on Instagram! I cannot say enough great things about Polyvore and the people who work there. They have been so kind and supportive of Perfect 10 over the last couple of months and I am extremely grateful!

The weather in New York has actually been okay -today it was 29 degrees!!! I am not sure how my California self is surviving, but I am! Everyone is bundled up and it makes me think about how if I lived here I would NEVER exercise! I love being active and I know it would be extremely difficult to be active if I lived in this cold weather!

Getting punched in the face by the wind as I came out of the airport terminal reminded me how lucky I am to live in San Francisco. The weather, even at it's absolute worst, is still bearable. I've been fortunate to stay active because of it. During my pregnancy I haven't enjoyed going to the gym as much, aside from pilates and swimming, because I was at a loss of knowledge of the safe exercises I could do with my routine of free weights and TRX.

My main mode of exercise during pregnancy has been walking. I've always loved throwing on workout clothes and walking around the city, exploring new spots. The first maternity clothes I wore were these workout pieces from Old Navy. I am obsessed with Old Navy's maternity clothes, especially their workout clothes because of the perfect price, colors, and style. I've been in love with this fleece cowl neck pull over and wore it on the plane out here. I love that it has a pocket for my phone and that it has thumb holes so I can keep my hands warm. Old Navy is the ONLY place I have been able to find maternity work out wear!! 

I'll never forget when Old Navy first opened in 1994-- I was a 4th grader and was in love with their overalls. I have always appreciated Old Navy's family-oriented style, great price point, their quirky advertisements, their flip-flops (we had them for guests at our wedding), and now I am in love with their maternity clothes and baby clothes! I still remember their iconic "Performance Fleece" commercials and the fun rhymes. Did you hear that celebrity stylists and designers Emily Current and Merritt Elliott of Current Elliot are going to be joining Old Navy as Style Ambassadors. I'm excited to see how they influence the brand (I LOVE their Pottery Barn Teen sheets).

If you really know me, you know that I am a HUGE Gleek aka Glee Fan! I feel that the show is extremely under appreciated! Many people write it off, but my love for Broadway theater, teenage angst, and Sue Sylvester has persevered through all of the seasons. I love listening to the Glee soundtracks on my walks! You can listen to my favorite Glee song while shopping these perfect pieces from Old Navy Maternity!!! Have a great day! xo, Caroline

Thanks to Old Navy for partnering on this post. It's amazing to partner with San Francisco-based companies!!



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