Growing up with three sisters I essentially had four closets to choose pieces from. While we all have unique styles: Caitlin- whimsical pops of color, Me- Classic with some fun pieces, Colleen- WOW! factor via statement pieces, Claire- downtown chic twist on classic styles, we were always able to find some pieces in each other's closets and avoid having to buy something new for a night out, a wedding, a birthday party, or shower.

However, the benefit of sharing was always called into question when paths would cross and the first words uttered to one another, almost simultaneously, were, "that's mine! WHEN did you take that?!" I guess I never really noticed until now how much sleuthing was involved in obtaining a sister's coveted piece until now.

Well since I'm the only preggars one in the family right now, I've loosened the reins on what my sisters can borrow. I'm practically giving them all of my stuff since I won't be able to wear it for quite some time. I mean, look at the photos above- I am about one week away from splitting this dress with my growing baby! It really makes me laugh. It's like one of those horrible scenes that you just can't look away from!

I know that I am truly the luckiest girl in the world to have three amazing sisters and not just for their closets. But what about those women who aren't as lucky? I recently discovered San Francisco based peer lending start-up Stylelend! Sure, you're probably thinking that you could just borrow your friends' dresses. you really want to wear your friends dress and have it all over both of your news feeds?! JK. 

But seriously,  StyleLend is like AirBnB for your closet. Rent dresses from other stylish women in San Francisco, and monetize your own when you're not wearing them. For about $50, you can wear Alexander Wang, Alice + Olivia, Helmut Lang, DVF, and other great designers to any event, party, or fun occasion in the city!!! In some ways, I feel like my sisters are the original StyleLend- minus the variety of designers, wide range of sizes, and ability to make money. Hmmm....

I couldn't believe it when I first heard about it, so I had to give it a whirl!! Naturally I went with a vibrant Kate Spade piece perfect for Valentine's. This Kate Spade dress I wore for a night out on the town retails for over $400. It only costs $62 to rent for a week! You can rent it here! So, if you're not quite the renting type- be the landlord to your dress- rent it out and make money! You can either go to their showroom near AT&T ball park or do everything by mail! What could be easier?!

Check out the StyleLend site for more information about renting! I am DELIGHTED to share an amazing offer with Perfect 10 SF readers- simply use the code GALENTINES for a $15 off discount!! 


Some of my favorite dresses from StyleLend!

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