top: Pink Blush Maternity (my go-to for maternity clothes) // sweater: Brochu Walker // bag: Prada (similar here) // jeans: J. Brand maternity from Pea in the Pod // necklace: J.Crew // shoes: Jenni Kayne (last seen here. I also love this pair and this pair for spring and summer!) // sunglasses: Prada (last seen here)

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I had an amazing weekend spending time with people I love celebrating exciting milestones. I was with my family at Jenna's baby's 1st birthday party on Saturday and on Sunday I was with friends from grad school celebrating my friend Noel at her baby shower. The shower was at the Sunnyside Conservatory on Monterey Blvd. in the city. I had never been there before so it was great to check it out. It is an absolutely beautiful building with a surrounding garden and was an absolute perfect place to celebrate the beautiful mother-to be, especially with the San Francisco sun shining down on us. I love that there are always old places in the city to discover. I highly recommend checking it out!

Speaking of Noel, she has been such a great friend to have these past couple of months. We met in September at our traineeship program and became friends right away. Our friendship grew even stronger when she shared the news that she was pregnant. I had just found out but wasn't quite 12 weeks yet, so I didn't share that I was expecting too. A few weeks later I told her and we were both so happy to have someone else we could talk to about our professional and personal experiences. She is having a boy, so of course I got her a Giants onesie and some other fun orange items for the #sanfrancisconative. I'm also lining up prom dates for my daughter since I NEVER had a date to any of our dances. At the shower there was a flash tattoo station and a station to get your tarot cards read--it was the best!!! 

Today I am 27 weeks which means I am in the last week of the second trimester-- very hard to believe. Over the weekend I had a thought that this baby could really come at any time. I feel like I've been hearing more stories about babies coming early, either due to an inaccurate due date or due to medical complications. Since our birthing class isn't until mid-March, I've been reading a lot online about the stages of labor and at times, can't help but think, what the hell did I get myself into?! I calm myself down by reassuring myself that I'll be able to handle this and when the time comes I'll have no control and I'll just be SO ready for the baby to come out!

Things have still been going very well, I've just had a few cramps and some pain in my back. I am really looking forward to my prenatal massage this week at SenSpa!! I'm also going to make exercising and stretching a top priority this week. Text me and ask if I've worked out that day-- it will help keep me accountable! 

Baby is the size of: A Rutabaga and weighs about 1.5 to 2.5 lbs. I don't think I've ever seen a rutabaga. Funny if rutabaga becomes the next and pushes kale out of the spotlight.

Weight Gain: 13.5 lbs. I definitely feel bigger, but not big. I have noticed a patch of fat has appeared on my outer thighs. Not too worried about it, I'm actually laughing about it. In my grad program we've learned about Body Dysmorphic Disorder- a body image disorder in which you essentially misperceive your flaws to be far more exaggerated than they really are, despite others telling you that you look good. 

In a way, I feel like I have reverse body dysmorphic disorder. In my head I feel that I don't look pregnant, yet everyone keeps asking me how I am feeling and how far along I am. I am always surprised when they ask because I thought people couldn't tell. One person said to me yesterday, "I didn't even know you were pregnant until you stood up" and that surprised because I guess I am showing more than I think!

Common Symptoms

Leg cramps and back aches: I definitely have back aches but not leg cramps. I am getting a lot more cramps in the arches of my feet and it's not like pre-pregnancy charlie horses. It feels so concentrated and is hard to stretch out. I've been eating lots of bananas for potassium to help my muscles, which is what is recommended when you're exercising a lot.

Skin, hair, and nail changes: I haven't noticed a change in my skin or hair, but I have noticed that my nails feel a little bit more brittle. I'm giving my nails a break from nail polish for the next couple of weeks. I had gel a little bit ago and as much as I love it, it wrecks havoc on my nails.

Snissing (peeing when you sneeze): This makes me laugh! No, I've never snissed but looking forward to it. I'm sure it will happen during a presentation or big meeting. That's how your body reminds you that it's in control. I have been having to go to the bathroom 24/7-- It honestly feels like I'm going every ten minutes!

Puffiness: I don't feel puffier but the first thing I do when I get home is take off my wedding rings. I also haven't been wearing as much jewelry. I always used to wear crazy arm parties and big necklaces, but have found that recently I wear very little jewelry.

Bloody noses: I have been lucky that I haven't had any bloody noses (like snissing, they always seem to come at the most inopportune times), but I definitely have bloody boogers (so weird to type out the word boogers, twice).

Excited about: We're starting to think about baby names and I've been calling our baby Coco to see if I like a hard C name. I was inspired because I met someone named Coco yesterday and she was so darling and I of course love it because of Coco Chanel. We'll see what we come up with for names! I'm also very excited about the birthing class and learning more about the process. We also just received so many wonderful goodies from Philips Avent and I can't wait to use the bottles, breast bump, pacifiers, and bottle sterilization kit. Thank you Philips Avent!!

Not looking forward to: I am excited to go to the doctor's this week but am not looking forward to doing the glucose screening test. I have to drink a sugary drink and then get my blood drawn to see if further tests need to be done to see if I have developed gestational diabetes. I've definitely gotten better at getting my blood drawn, but it's not something I look forward to!


I had to share these pictures of Miss Mila Lucia at her 1st birthday party!! This was right after we all sang Happy Birthday to her. We were all standing there with phones, taking pictures and videos of her with her smash cupcake and she would barely touch it!!! It was so hilarious! It was an absolute blast to see everyone at Mila's birthday and at the party I really stopped to think about the past year, how fast it has gone by, all that has happened, and all of the changes for Jesse and me in the next year!!!! Looking forward to lots of great things!!


Pink Blush Maternity has been my go-to for maternity clothes! I highly recommend it! Check out all of their cute stuff! I love this top and this dress! The pieces are extremely comfortable and I love that they work throughout your pregnancy!