I could look at this picture of this gorgeous view all day. Sometimes when it's rainy in San Francisco or I just need to escape, I just imagine myself laying in the warm sun of Cabo staring off into infinity. While it doesn't look like Jesse and I will be making it to Cabo any time in the near future, the warm weather in San Francisco has me excited for spring and summer. We usually spend a lot of time in Sonoma and I cannot wait to head back up there this weekend.

I have this very weird relationship with sandals. Since I only wear them a few times a year, I have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on them-- especially when there is so little "shoe" to them. So when I do buy a pair of sandals they end up getting worn so much that I end up throwing them away by the time summer is over. 

So I've shared some pairs that I'm considering for summer. All of them are under $140.00. I love the Kate Spade pair and the Splendid pair that look like Isabel Marant's Holden Slides. Which ones are your favorite?

Top Row: one / two / three || Middle Row: one / two / three || Bottom Row: one / two / three

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