HAPPY FRIDAY! The sun is shining, birds are singing, and Rebecca Black is on repeat (that song never gets old to me)!! I hope everyone has some fun weekend plans!

I've mentioned that I'm the middle of five children before here, here, and here, but I thought it was worth stating and explaining in a little bit more detail. I never really thought about it until I started re-watching Friends and Jesse mentioned that you don't really see groups of six who just come and go into an unlocked apartment as they please. Then it dawned on me that that is exactly what happens at my parents house. Honestly, you can stop by any point in any day and you're likely to find someone there. It is our central hub and even as adult children we all feel weird if we haven't stopped by there at least once a week (okay, honestly probably twice a week). 

The house serves as a birthday venue, home court with our basketball hoop in the backyard, test kitchen, stationary business as my sister starts sending out her save the dates, a childcare facility with my two nieces there, and a receiving center for all packages since we all have everything sent there because there is a gate and UPS and FedEx can just throw it over.

Jesse and I have been wanting to do a test-run with Munchery before our little baby girl arrives to see if it's something we'd want to do when we're exhausted and starving with our newborn. You can read all about how Munchery works here, but essentially it's delicious individual meals made by professional chefs that are delivered to your doorstep. 

So, when I decided to finally try Munchery I thought I'll send the "Rally Curran" text, like they did in my all-time favorite show Ghostwriter, and see who wanted to meet me at Douglass. On a random Thursday with less than a few hours notice we had quite the turnout: my parents, of course, my sister Claire and her fiance Mike (you can see their wedding website here), my brother Danny, and two of my parents' friends who were talking business and real estate. (You're probably wondering, "where is Jesse?"- he was at the gym playing basketball with friends).

The menu changes often so it's good to keep checking the website to see what they've added. I ordered the Lasanaga, Kimchi Burger, Fish and Chips, and Roast Chicken. I didn't have time to take pictures of the food because we all wanted to try it! I did manage to snap a picture of the plaid packaging!! I'm such a visual person and absolutely LOVE the perfect plaid!!! 

The Munchery experience was awesome and here's what I think was the best part:

Easy to order: Website is clean, clear, and there are lots of great options.

Fair Price: The portions are a single serving and they range from $10-$15.

On-time delivery: You won't feel like you're waiting for the cable guy to arrive with Munchery! The delivery came honestly five minutes after the beginning of our one-hour delivery window.

Easy to eat: The packaging is microwave safe so all we had to do was take the lid off and heat items in the microwave.

I loved my Munchery experience so much that I am offering a special discount to Perfect 10 SF readers!!!

Enter promo code: perfect10sf to receive $15 off of your first order!!!

Some PERFECT PLAID I have on my mind since seeing the Munchery packaging!!

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