Happy Tuesday and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!! I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who reads my blog- whether you read it every day or just when you're bored waiting in line- I REALLY appreciate it! When I started Perfect 10 SF last April, I was so grateful to have a creative outlet. Then when I learned about the business of blogging, I put a lot of time and energy into growing it. With my one year mark approaching, I can't believe all of the wonderful experiences I have had, the amazing people (especially fellow bay area bloggers) I've met, and how much fun I've had with it!! I'm also so grateful to have a place to share my pregnancy updates. 

I have tried several times to come up with a great word to describe Perfect 10 SF but it is SO difficult. I don't really think I'm a true fashion blog, or a true lifestyle blog, and I will NEVER be a DIY blog. I've always loved sharing what is on my mind because it is always so random, so I think the best way to describe the blog is indiscriminate. I hope you enjoy these 10 random thoughts I'm having today! And again, Thanks for all of your perfect support!! xo, Caroline

One // When i was growing up I would enter every single contest and actually had pretty good luck! I always love doing giveaways and contests so everyone can test their luck- especially on St. Patrick's Day. Head on over to Perfect 10 SF on Instagram to see how you can win a $400 Asos gift card!!

Two // If there's one pair that I think every woman needs for spring, it's nude shoes- take your pick: platform, sling backs, wedges or flats. They elongate your legs and go with any spring and summer outfit.

Three // Jesse always sends me great articles with topics ranging from tech to fashion to parenting. He sent me this great article "5 Ways Men Can Change the Stereotypes of Fatherhood". Check it out!

Four // Did you see my post last week with Brochu Walker? You can check it out here. You don't want to miss the great Perfect 10 SF x Brochu Walker promotionFree with any purchase, you will receive the Jenna Crew! Yes, that's right- FREE!! Click here to shop at Brochu Walker! 

Five // Did you see my 29 weeks pregnancy update yesterday? You can read all of my updates here. I've also been writing a few pieces for one of my favorite stores, Right Start. You can read it here!

Six // Have you heard of Manicube? It's a startup that makes it easy to get your nails done. They come to your office or event and offer nail care services. I've been giving my nails a rest from polish because they've been so dry and brittle due to pregnancy, but these are the colors I have on the top of my list for my first manicure when I return from my timeout. Which one is your favorite?

Seven // Looking for something stylish to do in San Francisco? Stop by one of my favorite spots in the city and check out the amazing exhibit at the Legion of Honor: High Style: The Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection. Make a day out of it and go for a hike at Lands End, one of the places in SF that holds my heart because that is where Jesse proposed!

Eight // I write a lot about my pregnancy and how excited I am to be a mother, but I have to say that I feel like everyone woman should choose what's right for her. I was really inspired reading these quotes from twelve celebrities who explain why they don't have children- "Twelve Women With Perfect Responses for Why They Don't Have Kids."

Nine // Last night Jesse and I ate at Nopalito near Golden Gate Park. I've been wanting to check it out for a while but it's always so crowded. If you want to try it go at 5:45pm on a Monday night- no one is there! 

Ten // GO WARRIORS!!! Did you see them beat the Lakers last night?! Were you biting your nails until Curry hit those free throws and Draymond Green knocked the ball of Westley Johnson's knee? One of my goals for 2015 is to meet Ayesha Curry and have a play date with our daughters. Check back in with me on that one!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Have fun tonight celebrating!! 

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