Most days, especially as of late, you'll find me in black on black on black. As my stomach is getting bigger with Baby Coco, it feels like my wardrobe options are shrinking. My second go-to look is white on white with a bright pop of color from fun shoes (like here-- ps: how awesome is it that Jenni Kayne liked and commented on my photo!). I've been keeping lots of gorgeous flowers around our house and I love these white, almost blush, roses and have them in the kitchen, nursery, and living room.

With spring and summer weddings fast approaching, I can't help but get excited for all of the couples who will be taking the big leap together!! The past few days I've seen a lot of great posts pop up in my Facebook newsfeed with brides soliciting advice for anything from hair recommendations to honeymoon spots. Some people might get irritated, and to them I have to say, "check yoself!!! aka what is going on internally for you that you find it irritating?" #selfreflection #therapistintraining 

Aside from wearing white on white on white on your wedding day, is there really another time when you can get away with it? It seems like there are so many rules when it comes to wearing white- not after labor day, not with dark shoes, and not when there is a bride within 100 yards of you (don't edge in on her territory). But can't I break all of these rules since I'm pregnant? I like to think so! I'll soon be swapping out my J.Crew Pixie Pants for these J. Brand White Maternity Jeans

Here are some perfect pieces to try the white on white trend!

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