Happy Thursday! Some, maybe all, would agree that unpacking after a great trip is the absolute WORST! It's hard not to just throw everything in a pile and take it to the dry cleaners to avoid dealing with it. For professional photographers and people like myself who take soooo many photos daily, but especially when traveling, it's hard to not have this same sentiment when "unpacking" the memory cards. I finally sat down the other day to do this (mostly because I was avoiding some real estate license renewal coursework) and found some great images from our February trip to New York Fashion Week. It's hard to believe that we were there a month ago- time has been going by so fast!

From this experience, I also know that I might have this same challenge when our baby girl arrives. I know there will be so many photos and so little time and desire to organize them. I guess I should look into the best app for this. Currently, I use Apple Photostream as the main place to store my important photos. Which has been great, but I'm getting the dreaded alert that my storage is almost full! Any suggestions?

Here are also some great images from the Academy of Art University Show at #NYFW. I was unable to attend the show because of a conflict, but wanted to share the images with everyone because I was really proud and impressed to learn that our San Francisco school has a big presence at Fashion Week!! This fall will be a BIG milestone for AAU- it will be the 10th anniversary runway show at New York Fashion Week. I'm going to try and make it back there for the event! I can't wait!! Especially since it won't be freezing!!! These are some very talented designers to watch! 


1) Farnaz Golnam

2) Paulina Susana Romero Valdez

3) Xioawell Liu

4) Christian Willman

5) Emmanuelle Jones & Ghazaleh Khaliefh

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