I've mentioned Keep before here, but I wanted to share a little bit more about how much I have fallen in love with it over the last couple of weeks! A lot of people ask what I'm wearing in my photos or where they can purchase something they've heard me mention and the easiest answer is my Keep Profile! I like to create Collections based around My Wishlist, Date Night Look, Nursery Decor, and more!

Keep is the BEST shopping app out there and I think I've finally been able to figure out why! All of the items that you see on the site are items that people have added to collections. What this means is that items are coming from community members and not from companies pushing certain products. You get to discover what others are shopping and it's really inspiring!

You can shop all of my item above on Keep! I also love Keep's clean look and design! Download the app today to check it out for yourself!

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