Last week I had the luxury to take some time for myself and get a facial. It seems like with the countdown getting a little bit more serious (76 days!!) until little Baby Coco arrives, my to-do list is growing and growing. Some things on the list are things I desperately want to avoid, like doing a deep clean of our house and getting rid of excess stuff we don't need, but luckily, a lot of things are very exciting and include pampering myself. Did you read about my prenatal massage at SenSpa?

One thing I've been wanting to do was get a facial! I had been looking all over the city trying to find a place that was relaxing, yet would be informational. I was telling Jesse that one of my favorite things about being pregnant is there is always something to read and something to learn. I'm so hungry for information about my body, labor, the changes I'm experiencing, parenting, and self-care for mommies to be! 

I was happy to discover SkinSpirit by luck (maybe from St. Patrick himself). However I think Googling "best facial in SF Bay Area  that is comfortable, affordable, and not snobby and clean and luxurious" would have led me to SkinSpirit. I was surprised to learn that they have four locations in the bay area. It was absolutely perfect because I had been wanting to head over to the Marin area to check out A Pea in the Pod location at Corte Madera. I had an absolute blast making a day out of my spa experience.

Walking into a skin care facility with absolutely no makeup was no easy feat for me- truthfully, it's hard not to feel vulnerable. I was so fortunate to see Ali, who was absolutely amazing! Funny story! Ali went to Convent when she was younger before moving down to the Peninsula. We had a lot in common and she was an absolute gem to work with. She told me how she worked in tech as an executive and had a career switch because she always loved skin care and helping women feel beautiful.

Ali was EXTREMELY knowledgable and shared so much information about skincare for pregnant women. I told her that I had to share it with everyone on my blog and she gave me the okay. And even said if you want to reach out to her directly for questions you can. Here is her facebook page: Skin Solutions by Ali.

So, I have to say the space was gorgeous and relaxing, Ali was so helpful and gentle, and my skin looks amazing! I can't wait to check out the newest Skin Spirit location in Los Gatos at their opening party this Thursday!!! Make sure you check out SkinSpirit for all of your skincare needs!


Here are tips from Ali for us preggo people:

Stay away from: Benzol Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, and Retinoids. I don't know about you, but I was unknowingly using products with these ingredients! Big no-no because skin during pregnancy is so sensitive.

If one is experiencing ACNE try: Sulphur based products, Glycolic acid, Alpha hydroxy acids, and microdermabrasion is fine.

Makeup: Switch foundation to a mineral powder/ make-up or a foundation for oily skin. You know I love Bare Minerals Complexion Control! Read my review here!

I was also able to enjoy a post-facial lunch at The Plant!! I'm definitely going to have to head to SkinSpirit again!!

About SkinSpirit - Since 2003, SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic and Spa has built a reputation in the Bay Area as a premier destination for aesthetic skin and body care, with the goal of helping clients look their best at any age. With three California locations in Palo Alto, Walnut Creek and Mill Valley, the skincare clinic expanded to Washington in early 2014 with locations in Redmond, Bellevue and Seattle. SkinSpirit looks to further expand with the February 2015 opening of its seventh location in Los Gatos, California. This expansion continues to solidify SkinSpirit as Allergan’s number one seller of Botox and fillers in the country. The skincare clinic is the brainchild of CEO Lynn Heublein and Bay Area plastic surgeon Dr. M. Dean Vistnes, who sought to integrate luxurious spa services with medically-supervised skin care.