I have had a blast styling the bump the past couple of months, but one thing that has not been easy and luckily, you've been able to avoid, is my night time look! Most of my darling pajamas simply don't fit anymore! This baby bump has proven too big for most of my cozy and comfortable shirts and, as a result, I've had to dive into my husband Jesse's drawers for something to wear to bed!

Since my body is changing so rapidly, I've been trying to purchase less times. But, I think I've found a loop hole around this!! I've been looking at all of the great t-shirts from East Dane for Jesse and in a few nights time will slowly make them mine! Plus, East Dane has such amazing styles for outerwearshirts, accessories, and more, that I always find something that fits my style.

Here are some of my favorite t-shirts!

one: FanMail // two: Hentsch Men // three: Carhartt WIP // four: Mollusk

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