Happy Friday! I'm at home today sick with pink eye! I woke up yesterday morning with my right eye shut with goop and it immediately made me think of Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop. It also brought me back to my childhood days when I had pink eye. Since it's so contagious I feel like I've been quarantined. So naturally, I have to watch Grease, right? Hopefully it goes away before the weekend or at least before I exhaust every musical movie on Netflix!

Anyway, enough about my nasty eye. I wanted to share some random products that I haven't mentioned before but really make life easier and more enjoyable- they're also reasonable prices! It seems like I'm always on the go so most of these products are quick and easy and intended to improve daily tasks.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: While the camera on the iPhone has gotten better with each generation, the speakers have not! In order to blast my music around the house, especially in the shower, I rely on our Jambox wireless speakers. They also make a perfect present for everyone!

Kate Spade Phone Case: I love walking out the door with as little as possible. I'm able to carry my credit cards in this amazing Kate Spade phone case in pink. It seemed like there haven't been as many great iPhone6 cases, so when i saw this one before our trip to New York, I had to get it! I also like this one from Michael Kors in Pale Blue.

Tweezers: It seems like I can never find our tweezers when I need them so I end up buying new pairs during each visit to Sephora. I think we have about six pairs scattered around the house, mostly Tweezerman and Sephora brand, and also some from Walgreens.

Savvy Sleepers: I was recently introduced to Savvy Sleepers and now I can't live without them! They're luxurious satin pillowcases and a local San Francisco company with a female CEO, Dale Jandeé. Read her story here! I just wish that Savvy Sleepers made satin pillowcases for my Snoogle! 

Amazon Prime: Although this isn't a product, it's a feature that I absolutely cannot live without and I expect to get even more use out of when our baby arrives and we need diapers fast! It's a flat rate annual fee for two-day shipping on qualifying orders! I order almost everything on Amazon- toothpaste, shampoo, home decor, lotions, gifts, books, and more!

Lamps: In addition to being sensitive to light, I love the relaxed ambiance that lamps provide. I honestly never use our overhead lighting- I just come home and turn on all of the lamps. We have this one from Target and I like this one.

Candles: I honestly don't feel like you can ever have enough candles. I know everyone loves the Diptyque candles, but I love Jo Malone Candles and these soy candles I get from a darling boutique down the street, Curator.

Clarisonic Brush: My sister Caitlin swears by this brush and gave me one for Christmas and I honestly can't remember life without it. I have the Clarisonic Mia in Pink, but I also think this one makes a great gift set. Read my previous post about my visit to SkinSpirit and everything I learned about skincare during pregnancy here!

Clorox Wipes: I use these Clorox Wipes everywhere! Growing up my favorite chore was vacuuming the stairs and dusting the wood cabinets in my parents' dining room with Pledge and a rag. I would pretend I was Cinderella and spend so much time wiping everything down perfectly to leave no trace of dust. Now, I don't have time to dilly dally and usually grab a Clorox Wipe and drag it over the bathroom sink or kitchen counter. These are a must have for every household. 

Curlers: When I have more time to spend on my hair, I'll curl it with the Dry Bar 1.25" Curling Iron. In a rush or if I don't want to spend a lot of time, I use Conair Hot Rollers. I haven't used my straightener in forever but I'm pretty sure that will change when Baby Coco arrives because I have straight hair and it's easier to just run a straightener over it.

Are there any products that you can't live with out? Please let me know!!



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