Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!! March Madness doesn't just apply to NCAA Basketball- it seems like everyone is so busy and making moves! We had an amazing weekend celebrating my sister Caitlin's birthday, attending our birthing class, spending time with my in-laws, and attending a surprise party for some friends. I think I was the only pregnant lady in the bar! Everyone was probably looking at me thinking, "GO HOME ROGER!" (#tia&tamara), but we really wanted to see our friends so we stayed and talked (aka yelled at the top of our lungs), sweating in the humid bar.

It's incredibly difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that I'm 30 weeks pregnant! When I first found out I was pregnant, I set all of these milestones in my head to work towards. One of them was the hitting the 30 weeks mark; something about getting to that number made me think I'd be a real pregnant woman! It's almost like running a long distance race, you just countdown the entire time and have highs and lows and fluctuations in belief and disbelief about how far you've come.

We had our long awaited birthing class and it was a really great experience and I left feeling very excited for the delivery process. I'm sure I'm pissing people off with my eternal optimism, but by now you should understand me and how I operate: if I'm going to go through experiences, I might as well have a positive attitude. I've been this way for as long as I remember so I really can't remember if I made a conscious effort to have this mindset or if it's just my natural disposition. I can think of a very long list of things that people have dreaded over the years and I've enjoyed: tests, social situations, SATs, graduating college, going to the dentist, breaking my arm, public speaking, starting my traineeship, and now labor!

Honestly, I am still processing all that I learned from the birthing class and will share a more focused and articulate list of what I took away later, but I wanted to share that I truly believe everyone needs to do what is right for them. At this time, we don't have a birthing plan- I'm still working on it. The instructor said that biologically we used to be afraid of death during labor because it was a real concern. Since that likelihood is now so low, we have shifted our biological fear to fear of pain. It's also interesting that men only feel pain when something is wrong. Women feel pain when there is absolutely nothing wrong with our body: during menstrual cycles and labor. In the videos we watched, it looked like everyone was in terrible pain. My mom and sister had little pain, so I'm curious to see what I will experience. I keep wondering what is the truth! Does it really hurt that much?! Check back with me in 70 days!!

Baby is the size of: A Cucumber!! Very hard to believe that the baby is that big!! 

Weight Gain: 14 lbs. I realized I've left this off the last couple of updates and I didn't mean to. I guess I just forgot. Feeling pretty good!!

Common Symptoms

Heartburn: Yes! I had this for the first time the other day. I drank an Odwalla juice on an empty stomach and could feel it coming back up. The doctor suggested I drink peppermint tea or buy throat coat lozenges from Whole Foods. I thought I could just drink milk to cut down on the acidity but she said it's best to not add more volume to volume. Luckily it passed in about an hour.

Swelling: No swelling around my ankles or feet, but I have noticed swelling of my hands when I am working out. It's not uncomfortable, it's just my rings are tighter. I've been wearing them a little less and overall, I've been wearing a lot less jewelry.

General Discomfort due to Big Belly: The only discomfort is in my lower back and I've been working really hard to stretch at night and move around during the day. I was surprised to hear at the birthing class how miserable everyone was. I truly think the key to feeling good in life, but especially during pregnancy, is to be active. It's hard because it's cyclical- you feel uncomfortable so you can't move, and the less you move, the more uncomfortable you'll feel. My goal is to find a 5K race to walk in the next couple of weeks and to take a water aerobics class at the gym with the seniors!

Shortness of Breath: I haven't noticed this too much in daily life, just when I am working out. I try and walk and swim at a pace where I am breathing heavily but can still have a conversation per the advice of my doctor.

Trouble Sleeping: I haven't had trouble falling asleep at all. I've always been a great sleeper and immediately fall asleep when my head hits the pillow. I have been waking up very early, around 4:00am or so and feeling WIDE AWAKE! Then I sing Katy Perry, "Wide Awake" to myself and force myself to fall back asleep. Jesse and I are still loving sleeping in the living room on the couch, probably every other night or so. Hey, the couple that sleeps on the couch together, stays together, right? 

I still sleep on my back for some of the night and I woke up yesterday wondering if that was contributing to my sore back. I know that the three main reasons for back pain during pregnancy are: pregnancy hormones that cause muscles to relax to prepare for labor, postural shifts, and weight gain. I'm really trying to remained disciplined about taking care of this ailment! It was funny to me that the other nine women in the birthing class didn't say they have back pain. I realized afterward that I think it's because they had so many other symptoms that maybe they didn't even notice the back pain!

Weird, Vivid Dreams: YES! But I've also ALWAYS had weird dreams so it's nothing new for me.

Excited about: I set up an appointment with a dietitian to get more information about diet and menu options for the next couple of weeks. I'm ready to step up my game and incorporate more recipes. I've felt sort of stuck and keep eating the same things (read Multigrain Cheerios and hummus).

Pediatrician: I'm not sure if you'll believe this, but we were the FIRST ones to sign up for OneMedical Pediatrics!! We've been very interested in it and when I received an email to sign up, I replied immediately. I got a call that later morning to register and asked if we were the first ones and she said yes! We are the first ones enrolled in their system!!! What a relief to have that taken care of- one more thing crossed off of my to-do list.

Graduating!! The countdown to May 21st is on!! I can't wait to wrap up this wonderful phase of my life and be finished with grad school! It's been a long three years!

Childcare: I mentioned that we were looking at child care for Baby Coco and we absolutely loved it! We will be enrolling her there and are really grateful for such a wonderful space and loving staff.

Spring!!! Spring is here and I feel like I am blooming too!! This belly is getting a little bit bigger! I will share some photos later this week!

Grateful for: My amazing husband, family, and friends!! As well as all of the amazing people who read my blog and email me!! Feel free to email me anytime at

Grateful that my perfect pink eye cleared up!!

Longing for: SKIRTS!!!! I haven't worn a skirt since October 2014!! There are so many amazing skirts for spring and I am longing to wearing one!! Here are some of my favorites!!

Here is the Youtube Video series I've been watching and doing at home at night!

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