#tbt of the Curran Kids L-R: Caitlin, Danny, Claire, me, & Colleen

#tbt of the Curran Kids L-R: Caitlin, Danny, Claire, me, & Colleen

One // Yesterday was my older sister Caitlin's birthday! She didn't want me to write a blog post on her (because she's so modest), but I decided that was not okay with me. Stay tuned for a post about how perfect she is! I have to laugh because the only thing she wanted for her birthday was this from Sephora. I didn't even know they sold stuff like this! I got her a gift certificate so she could pick out what she wanted.

Two // Last night I went to the Rebecca Minkoff x Packed Party event and had a blast seeing all of my friends and Packed Party CEO Jordan! She had such a great turnout and the vibe was great! Read my previous post about Packed Party here!

Three //  There's a new company to keep an eye on: BuildingConnected. Okay, they're not thhaaat new, but they are a name you're going to want to know. Also, the CTO and co-founder is pretty cute! Expect great things from this company!

Four // It's been a couple of weeks since I've painted my nails. They are SO dry and brittle and constantly splitting! I'm looking at some cuticle cream. Any suggestions or tips for how to improve their health? I thought they were supposed to be stronger during pregnancy! Help!

Five // J.Crew always has some good sales. Right now I am loving this coat and these shoes, oh, and this sweater

Six // Congrats to Warriors for winning the Division. Cue up Queen's "We Are The Champions"!!!!! Everyone knows I'm a huge Warriors fan. Yes, I am still working on meeting Ayesha Curry. Read my previous post on the Warriors here!

Seven // Ever wondered how Tim Gunn spends his Sunday? I did, so I asked the NY Times to follow him and write this piece on him! Enjoy, designers!

Eight // Did you see my post a few weeks ago about our nursery? You can see it here! Shop all of the pieces in the nursery on my favorite shopping app Keep here! I've actually decided to swap out the chairs for a glider. I love this one from Target because it's wide!

Nine // Can you describe California in one word? Read all of the popular responses from people here. How would you describe your home state or home city?

Ten // I'm excited to head up to Napa this weekend for a girlfriend's bachelorette party! I guess it's the kick-off of wedding season!! I'm excited to celebrate her and I got the most perfect present for her. I will share it next week!!

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!! xo, Caroline