Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and got to enjoy the outdoors. It's been absolutely gorgeous in the Bay Area and I was lucky enough to spend all weekend in Napa for a girlfriend's bachelorette party. It was so relaxing, nourishing, and fulfilling-- it honestly felt like I was at a retreat. We ate delicious food, went wine tasting, and even had a private yoga lesson at the house outdoors on the lawn with a view overlooking the Napa Valley. 

It was a really great group of women and we spent a lot of time talking and sharing about life transitions, like marriage and new babies, the Ellen Pao case, life as a lawyer, relationships, and more. There were four psychologists, two lawyers, and one artist. I can't express my appreciation for these friends, both new and old, and for the growth I got from the weekend.

The only difficult part of the weekend was how much I missed Jesse! It was the first extended period of time I've been away from him since I've been pregnant. I love coming home and seeing him and catching up. He's such a dreamy husband- he cleaned the entire house! I always tell him that when our house is clean, I feel whole; I feel like I have absolutely everything I need. I do think it is good to spend time away from your significant other every once and a while. Well, at least it has worked for us. 

When I got back to the city, I went over to my sister Caitlin's house because my whole family was there playing in the backyard and jumping in the inflatable castle bounce house that my brother Danny got for my niece Camilla for Christmas. Jesse and I walked into the backyard and it was like a scene from Pleasantville: Beach Boys playing, people laughing, Colleen and Danny playing catch, my dad wearing sunglasses that he found (that were from my bachelorette party), and the grill going. It was such a special moment to see how much fun my family still has, how loving we are, and how lovely it has been to have nieces to share this love with.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Last night when Jesse and I got home from Caitlin's house, I showered and got ready for bed. I was pretty tired, but still felt the high of a great weekend with friends and family. I was lying on the couch and I just started crying. It reminded me of those tears shed after returning from the most amazing week of summer camp. Tears were streaming down my face and honestly, I felt relieved. I have always been a crier and I've only cried TWICE during this pregnancy (I used to cry at least two times a month before this baby Coco). 

I think I was just so touched by all of the love I experienced this weekend and was processing it. With just nine more weeks to go, I think I had a "holy cow!" moment. I've spent countless hours thinking about what life with baby will be like: what will it be like to have a human dependent on me 24/7?! A lot of people would say, "you're just overwhelmed", but honestly, I don't feel overwhelmed. I feel so many emotions at once and this is a new thing for me. I usually feel one or two, but now I think I feel at least ten, but the two most prominent are excited beyond belief and in disbelief (It's funny though- I haven't felt nervous for one moment. Nervous isn't really something I feel often, well at least since I stopped playing competitive sports) Can you think of two more conflicting emotions?! Crying was such a relief and allowed me to physically feel a lot better. Jesse was so supportive and made me feel a lot better. 

That moment last night was a great opportunity for me to pause and reflect on what I need to do to take care of myself these next nine weeks. Jesse and I talked about spending more alone time together and scaling back on time spent with others in an effort to relax and unwind. I'm not going into hibernation mode, but expect to see a lot less of me for the next couple of weeks. I don't find it a coincidence that I had this great realization at 31 weeks- my lucky number!!

I know a lot of friends and family read this blog, so I want to say thanks for your support and love during our pregnancy!!

Baby is the size of: A Pineapple!! 15.2-16.7 inches and about 2.5-3.8lbs. I have definitely gotten bigger, but it is hard for me to believe that the baby is that big!! I can't wait to show off some new baby bump pictures soon so you can see how much I've grown.

Weight gain: 14 lbs. Don't think this has changed from last week. My hypothesis is that I've been losing muscle. I want to continue to do more weight training.

Common Symptoms: 

Out of breath: I haven't experienced this symptom. It is common because baby keeps squishing lungs. I feel like she's been pushing more on my stomach and giving me stomach aches!

Dry, brittle nails: Yes! I haven't had nail polish on my nails for the past three weeks. I just realized the other day that now I ALWAYS look at women's nails to see if they are painted. I'm just living through them! It's like when you get engaged and you start immediately noticing if people are wearing rings.

Braxton Hicks Contractions: Honestly, I have no idea. I've had no pain and can't feel anything.

Leaky boobs: Nope. I could imagine this happening with a second pregnancy with a body remembering what to do.

Frequent Urination: Of course, but what else is new. I think friends at the bachelorette party were shocked at frequently I used the restroom. I'm pretty sure I went six times during dinner.

Back aches: Yes, but I have been stretching at every opportunity I get. I love the yoga videos I shared last week and the yoga class really helped too. 

Difficulty Sleeping: I've had no trouble sleeping. I'm sure that's very frustrating to other pregnant women who have a lot of difficulty sleeping. I honestly wish I could sleep more! I need at least eight hours a day. I've been trying to sleep a lot because at the birthing class the instructor said that if you're tired your pain tolerance goes down. 

Thankful for: The amazing goodies I received from Sara Kety!!!! She sent me onesises and tutus for Baby Coco! Don't you just love the "little black bib". Shop some of my favorites here!

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