Happy Monday and HELLO Third Trimester! Coming in strong at 28 weeks, I'm at the beginning of the end! Only twelve more weeks to go, unless Baby Coco comes early! The weeks have been so busy and it seems like most recent weekends consist of spending time with family and trying to squeeze in some pre-baby alone time.

With the gorgeous weather in the bay area, Jesse and I had a date night Friday night-it's becoming our favorite thing to do after a long week. I dress up as fancy as I can (I've shared my Friday night look here) and we catch up about the exciting things going on with him at work, the fun things in our future, and what we want to work on. We spent Saturday in the east bay with his parents celebrating his mom's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE!!!) and went hiking in Tilden Park (I can't wait to bring our little baby girl there to see the Little Farm and the Trains!) and ate at Farm Burger and I highly recommend it. It's fun to explore delicious food spots outside of the city. Sunday we spent time babysitting my niece Clementine and walking around Golden Gate Park and Mission Bay. I wanted to include the photo above because on Sundays we sleep in and throw on workout clothes and explore the city (see my post about Old Navy Maternity Active Wear). I spent Sunday night watching Pitch Perfect- still amazing as ever! 

I swear, it's as if my body knew it was in the third trimester and said, "okay, time to feel pregnant!!!!" and unleashed the discomforts of pregnancy on me!! Why??!????! No, overall I am feeling pretty good, just a lot of soreness! When I would do more intense workouts pre-pregnancy, being sore was something I was used to. But I guess I've forgotten that sore muscle feeling-- time to step up the workouts! Also, the location of the soreness is super weird- it's lower and is called round ligament pain (read about here). I thought that I should have a scale so that there's some perspective on the pain. If the scale is 1-10 (1 being fine and 10 being extremely painful), for most of the pregnancy I've been a 1 or a 2 with back pain. This past week I probably bumped up to a 3 and while I'm not in pain, the thing I keep saying to Jesse is that I FEEL pregnant! Before I felt the great and would only remember I was pregnant with a sharp kick from Coco or a quick glance in my reflection when passing a window.

Last Thursday we had our doctors appointment and I had the glucose screening test. I was nervous about drinking the glucose drink because it's bright orange and reminded me of Metamucil. Everyone makes it seems like that drink is disgusting- boy, are they wrong!!! I absolutely LOVED it! It tasted like a melted orange Otter Pop! I was joking with Jesse that we should make cocktails out of this mix- "The Glucozy!!" The surprising thing was after I finished the drink I was having such a sugar rush, I couldn't even sit down!! The doctor said that the glucose drink has 50 grams of sugar, which is about a can and a half of soda. We're still waiting to get the results to see if additional testing needs to be done- fingers crossed that everything is okay.

Jesse and I started our registries at Pottery Barn Baby and Right Start over the weekend, but it's funny because after babysitting Clementine we keep making edits to it. I can't wait for Jesse to write a baby product review on the BABY page! He is ALL about FUNCTION, so it will be interesting to see his perspective on products. Thanks for all of the love and support!




Baby is the size of: An Eggplant! That blows my mind. I was at Trader José (not a typo) this weekend and I spotted an egg plant out of the corner of my eye and I completely freaked out!! It seems SO big! How amazing is this eggplant colored dress from Ellery?!

Weight Gain: 13.5 lbs! Not too much change from last week. The doctor said I had about 10 more pounds to go.

Common Symptoms:

Trouble Sleeping: I haven't noticed a change in my sleeping patterns and am still sleeping really well. My sister told me that she didn't sleep during the third trimester because she was so sore and turning was really hard. I wonder if that will happen to me.

Since we've been loving falling asleep to Friends, we usually doze off and move to the bed. Funny enough, Jesse and I have been sleeping on our couch for the past couple of nights! It is so long that we can sleep toe-to-toe!

Shortness of Breath: I definitely feel this when exercising but that's about it.

Aches and Pains: Yes, pain and gain! Here we go third trimester!! I've been pampering myself to alleviate the pain! I was at SenSpa last week (review coming soon!) and am heading to SkinSpirit today!

Leaky Boobs: Nope.

Excited about: March has been a great month so far and I'm excited for some fun things happening in the next couple of weeks. I am grateful that our nursery was featured on About.Com (you can see that post here). I love watching Jesse play with Clementine- he is going to be such a wonderful dad! I am excited for our birthing class next so soon. 

Proud of: I'm grateful that I somehow manage to keep being active and go on walks. This would be the time when it would be easy to say I'm sore or tired, but instead I've been able to push through it and get out the door. Hoping to keep it up all the way until delivery!

Perfect pairs for our little girl!