San Francisco is an absolutely magical place! It's no surprise that I'm absolutely in love with this city (even more so after our recent adventure to the freezing temperatures of NYC for fashion week) I mean, I named my blog with SF in my heart! One of my favorite things about San Francisco is that no matter how many years I've lived here, there's always something new to explore. Well, in the case of SenSpa, there's something new to me to explore!

SenSpa has been located in the Presidio for the past nine years! I couldn't believe it- I thought I knew about most of the spas in the city! I've been invited to a few lovely events that they've hosted in the amazing space but was always unable to attend due to conflicts with grad school (I can't wait to attend their event in early April- their cafe is being unveiled!!!).

I have absolutely LOVED being pregnant, but recently the aches and pains in my lower back have been well, a real pain! Since getting pregnant, I have been bopping around trying to find the perfect prenatal massage and have had some bumps (remember that weird incident where I found out that the masseuse was using olive oil on me!?!?!? Woof!). I was so delighted to visit SenSpa and try their prenatal massages with their expert Devon.

If you've been to the Presidio recently you know that it is an absolute construction mess (but seriously when are they going to be finished with the Doyle Drive construction? I can't complain too much. I mean I have a new found LOVE of construction because of Jesse's company). It was funny to experience the juxtaposition of the noisy tractors, demolition, and debris in the air outside and then walk into one of the most calming spaces in the entire city. I'm not sure what I expected but SenSpa exceed all expectations. I had an absolute wonderful experience being pampered and thought I would share my favorite parts:

Tranquil Spaces: SenSpa itself is very calming, but they also have numerous spaces to relax pre and post treatment- I loved reclining on their chaise chairs after my massage.

Fully stocked locker room: Lotions, face wash, hair dryers, make up remover, combs, robes, sandals and towels- you are well taken care of here. The best part about the locker room is that each locker has a customizable lock so you don't have to bring your own. I especially loved that they had additional sizes of robes and sandals- PERFECT for my pregnant body and size 10 feet! It honestly touched my heart!

Prenatal Pillow: This was my favorite part of the massage- SenSpa has a special prenatal pillow that allows you to lay on your stomach. Every other prenatal massage has you lay on your side with a pillow and it's just not quite the same. This pillow allows you to bare all your weight on your ribs and hip bones. Most pregnant women go MONTHS without laying on their stomach and it can be very difficult! 

Food and water: When I'm pampered I love a good snack and drink too! Senspa has organic snacks like nuts and dried fruit in the lounge, as well as crystal water and cucumber water. Also, I'm SO excited that they are opening the cafe soon which is all food from one of my favorite places, The Plant Organic!

Parking: Most people don't think about this aspect of a spa experience, but parking is something I always consider when deciding where to go for spa treatments. I've definitely had times where I've been getting a nice massage or facial and all I can think about is the meter running out and getting a parking ticket. Parking in the Presidio was so easy- I found a spot right in front and used my credit card to pay the small fee for parking. I was able to really relax knowing that the meter maid wasn't giving this gal a ticket!

Group Availability: I saw in the brochure that there is a private room for up to ten people and I thought that is amazing! What a great spot for a bachelorette party or wedding day treatment. I can't wait to take my sisters here!

I am looking forward to heading back to SenSpa in a few weeks when I am nearing delivery!!! I highly recommend you check out SenSpa for you or as a gift! It's well worth it!

xoxo, Caroline

A special thank you to SenSpa for having me!