dress: J.McLaughlin // shoes: rag & bone (love these)

I hope everyone had a nice April Fool's! While many were celebrating their victorious pranks, I was celebrating Jesse's two year anniversary of working at BuildingConnected. I also finally got around this morning to unpacking my bag from the amazing weekend in Napa celebrating my friend Maya. Isn't unpacking just the worst?!

Today I'm sharing the ten random things on my mind on this lovely April day! Enjoy!

One // BuildingConnected's colors are blue and orange, so I've been thinking about getting some pieces to rep the team. How perfect are these Tory Burch slip on neoprene shoes?! I really want the orange and blue Celine purse I saw some woman carrying when we were in New York-- I've been trying to track it down, but can't find it anywhere!

Two // March Madness flew by this year. I barely watched any of the games. I feel like I'm in an awkward stage with the players- before, when I was younger, I felt like they were my peers. I know in a few years, they will feel like sons. Right now, they just feel like little kids to me. Am I making any sense? They just seem so young and baby faced.

Three // My friend Nicole told me that the new Cinderella movie is really magical. I'm hoping to see it this week or next week since I am on spring break from my counseling position. I'm heading out of town to get some sun! Also, on my spring break vacation to-do list is visiting the Legion of Honor to see the High Style Exhibit.

Four // Stay tuned for my post about my experience buying an athletic two-piece bathing suit for swimming at the gym. Oh vey, quite the interesting experience! 

Five // On Tuesday night as I was walking through the halls of USF before class I saw a bunch of undergrad students rehearsing for a performance, so I popped my head in. I didn't realize how much I'd been craving some live performance and culture!!! I bet no one would know that I am really in to theater. When I was a senior in high school I did the lighting cues for the musicals, under the tutelage of the famous Viola Swamp, I mean Karen R. I'm looking to go see a performance in the next couple of weeks before baby girl arrives.

Six // GLEE is one of my favorite shows (I've mentioned it on here before) and since the episodes are on Friday night's I don't watch them live. Two nights ago I watched a few episodes in a row. I'm actually not really sure why everyone throws shade on this show so much- they've done such an amazing job over the years bridging musical theater and pop music, all while tackling a wide variety of issues. I will definitely be sad when this show goes off of the air!

Seven // This summer-in-winter weather we have been having in California has been really lovely, but we should have known that it had a downside. With a severe drought in California, Governor Jerry Brown has ordered a 25% reduction in water consumption. Read the full SF Gate article here!

Eight // I've been feeling great with the pregnancy and I think it's due in large part to all of the prenatal massages I've been getting! I am hoping to try out Zeel- a start-up that allows you to book massages online and the masseuse comes to your house!!! 

Nine // Recently I've been having the urge to bake! Please send me any recipes you have that would be good! I know a lot of people get recipes off of Pinterest- I'll have to check that out!

Ten // I've been wearing mostly flats and running shoes the last couple of weeks and it's been making me lust after heels even more! Here are some perfect pairs from Manolo Blahnik!

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