Happy Tuesday! I'm a feeling a little bit better, but still not 100%. I know with the pink eye I had a few weeks and this cold, it probably seems like I am always sick. The truth is that I hardly ever get sick! I have a great immune system and can usually fight these things off pretty quickly. I've just been trying to stay hydrated and rest.

Did you see yesterday's post of my 33 weeks pregnant update? You can read it here! (Also, it's funny to read my pregnancy announcement from December. You can see that here! I guess I'm going to have to get some Burberry baby shoes since I keep posting about them!) I forgot to mention that my sister Claire got me this darling jacket for Baby Coco. Ever since opening it I've been mad for plaid! I have this jacket but am thinking I might need to get this one so we can be twins!

Here are some darling Burberry pieces that I'd love to see Baby Coco in!

Fashioncaroline curran