Thank you for your support of Perfect 10 SF for the past year! It has been such an incredible experience and I cannot thank everyone for their kind words, enthusiasm, excitement, and love!!! 

I am excited about this big milestone and have been reflecting a lot on the experiences and opportunities I've had, the people I've met, the shoes I've worn, and the memories I've made, all because of a project that started when I had some free time. I have to share one of my first posts about where Perfect 10 SF was launched. I don't find it a coincidence that last night I gave my last presentation EVER at USF! I should probably visit the library where I launched one last time before I graduate!

I tried to find some good photos from the archives to capture this journey, but it was hard to just pick one so I went with a recent one of me with my lovely little lady bump! I feel like this captures exactly where I'm at. One of the things I am probably most grateful for is that I've had a place to share my pregnancy experience. I never would have guessed how much I enjoyed writing about pregnancy and connecting with readers over it. I am grateful that one day Baby Coco can look at this site (if the internet still exists! jk) and see how much of impact she had on my life from the very beginning.

A special thank you to friends and family, new and old who read the blog! I know this next year is going to be just Perfect!!! Many of you have asked what can you do to support me and I'll finally stop evading the question: please share the blog with friends and family, like my Facebook page, follow Perfect 10 SF on Instagram, sign up to receive email updates, send me pregnancy tips, leave comments, or send me an email!!!!

What you can expect to see this next year?! More shoes, more pregnancy tips, baby style, travel, reviews of cafes around San Francisco, mens style (I've been begging my brother Danny to write some men's posts), celebrities, and perfect prices posts!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! A special thank you to my wonderful husband- none of this would be possible without him! And to my amazing family!!!!! 


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