Move over, macarons! Adios, cupcakes! Tata, frozen yogurt! There's a new dessert in town and it's the perfect French Pastry Cream Puff at Choux (pronounced SHOE!!!!! how perfect is that?!)!!! I am so delighted to share this perfect place with everyone and cannot say enough good things about the beautiful and delicious puffs, the darling space, perfect packaging, and delightful owner and pastry Chef Laura!!! 

Tucked away in Lower Haight, you might miss Choux if it weren't for the aroma of heaven wafting through the air. I was lucky enough to meet Laura when I popped in. We instantly connected and I loved hearing her fascinating story: she was working full time and going to school for design. After graduating she was traveling the world and visited San Francisco. She immediately went back to Nice, France (my favorite place in the south of France and where my cousin Jared got married to Delphine two summers ago) and told her family (who are ALL pharmacists) that she was moving to San Francisco to open up a classic French pastry puff store.

I admire her talent, ambition and dedication. The best part about Choux is that the cream puffs are actually yummy!! I also love that each flavor is named after special people in her life and there's a story behind why she paired the flavors with the names. I tried the Sophie (chocolate custard and chocolate icing), the David (S'Mores), the Elie (coconut and mango jam), and the Paul (vanilla custard). Also, I've been saving the best part- Laura created a Chouxnut: a french pastry puff mixed with a donut! It gets even better: on Saturdays Choux sells French Hot Chocolate!!!!

You have to swing by and check out this perfect place for its charm and delicious pastry puffs! They make the perfect gifts, desserts at parties, and can even be customized with company logos. I'm excited to go back Lower Haight to Choux and explore the surrounding spots! 

Learn more about Choux here and read Laura's story here!!