When I first launched Perfect 10 SF last April I started blogging about shoes and the difficulty I've had over the years finding the perfect pair- it didn't help that my three sisters could fit into and look great in just about every pair. Just when I felt like I was getting the search down, I found out I was pregnant!!! While my love for shoes still continues, I've put the brakes on purchasing my tall high heels, unless I have a severe impulse purchase (seen here), and have been wearing sneakers more frequently.

Don't get me wrong- I don't think of sneakers as a punishment. Quite the opposite, I absolutely LOVE sneakers and people who know me well know that I have closet full of bright, neutral, metallic, and multi-colored sneakers on constant rotation. If I had my druthers I'd probably wear sneakers over heels about 95% of the time. It's probably hard to imagine but a huge part of my identity comes from growing up playing sports. I think of myself as an athlete and when I wear sneakers I feel like people get a little sneak into that side of me. Most people think I live in heels but that's just what I wear out to the parties. But maybe sneakers will be acceptable soon with the growing influence of athleisure wear, many thanks in part to Eva Chen- the original party girl who frequently pairs designer dresses and skirts with sneakers.

My guilty pleasure during pregnancy hasn't been the cliche food cravings- nope, it's been for running shoes! I've probably purchased half a dozen pairs since I found out I was pregnant. The best part is that Jesse is totally on board because I've disguised it as "motivation for working out", which actually has turned out to be true.

I was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to Famous Footwear's online site. I've known about them for years and would frequently visit their shop in Petaluma with my mom. I remember I got my first pair of New Balance sneakers there in 1997- I remember because it was 7th grade and I wanted to get the grey and red New Balance slip ons! Oh vey, what was I thinking?

I found this perfect pair from Nike at Famous Footwear and after I purchased them I laughed about how it seems like I'm stuck on a grey and red theme (is it any coincidence that our nursery is also red and grey??). ! I swear, they have other colors of shoes too, I just wanted to get a grey pair to add to my collection. You can see other pairs from Famous Footwear and get inspiration from what others are wearing at the #ohsofamous gallery!! Check it out here!!

More than just being an athlete, I love sneakers because they remind me a lot of my childhood when my parents would corral all five of us kids and throw us in the mini-van and head out to different adventures around the city. As Jesse and I are expecting our first little girl in a few weeks, I know that we'll have many adventures around San Francisco, Sonoma, and Bodega Bay. I can pretty much guarantee that with a newborn I won't be wearing my heels, but rather, will be living in these Nike FS Lite Run shoes. They seriously feel like I am walking on a cloud! I can't wait for neighborhood walks around Noe Valley, pushing the stroller with my sleeping baby! While my family has gotten a little older and our schedules are a little busier (I'm being sarcastic- everyone is SO busy), I know that having a new baby in the family will encourage everyone to slow down and spend more time together and I cannot wait!! I also can't wait to create new family traditions with my family of three. Since Jesse and I met playing volleyball, I can guarantee that almost all of our adventures will be focused around sports, being active, and moving around! I can't wait to pick up a pair of baby girl's first sneakers from Famous Footwear! 

I love the way these sneakers look with my all-neon workout clothes. I've been living in comfortable clothes- I feel like I only have the energy to either get dressed OR do my makeup and since I'm pretty scary without makeup, I've been wearing these neon pieces on repeat.

I often wonder how my style will evolve once Baby Coco is here- will I ever wear heels again? Hard to know because I am so in love with these Nikes! 

Make sure to check out the #ohsofamous for perfect pairs! I know I'll be sharing my famous moments on there!

xo, Caroline

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