I love this picture above because if you look really closely you can see that I have a stain on my shirt from when I dropped a banana slice from my fruit salad on myself! I think it's so funny! Jesse is so talented with Photoshop that I could have asked him to take it out, but I like it there!

I don't think I'm being overly critical of myself here, but when I look at the photos above i can tell that I am not a 100%. If you follow Perfect 10 SF on Instagram you probably saw that I have a sinus infection! I have been sick for almost the past two weeks. You're probably thinking, "this lady is always sick!" and I don't blame you because of my recent posts about my pink eye and now this sinus infection. The truth is, I very rarely get sick. I've never had the flu (knock on wood) and most colds only last two or three days. The last time I was really, really sick was December of 2002 when I had bronchitis. I vividly remember the timing because it was Christmas of my senior year of high school and at the all-school Christmas concert I was coughing a lot. I've been very lucky to have an amazing immune system and honestly it was my own fault that I got this sick recently.

Since I had spring break from my school counseling site, I decided I was going to take advantage of the week-long break and do everything I needed to do before Baby Coco arrives. I decided it would be a good idea to wash all of her baby stuff, clean the nursery, go to Sonoma for some sun, write a lot, go through my high school stuff  in the garage at my parents house, help with my baby shower, design stationery, babysit my nieces, and see friends. I completely over did it and as a result, I got so worn down that I couldn't even move. I used to go at this back breaking pace when I was working full time, doing school counseling, blogging, and going to USF full-time until I found out I was pregnant and had to make some changes. I always tell Jesse that Baby Coco is our lucky charm- ever since we found out we were pregnant, we've had good luck and made changes for the better. I really do feel like this baby girl causes me to slow down and focus on what's important. I can't wait to welcome her in just six more weeks!

This recent ten day battle has taught me an important lesson, albeit the hard way: I need to be purposeful in my decision making. Since I've been feeling so  great throughout the pregnancy I don't feel the need to slow down. And that is a bad thing. My energy feels great, but I need to slow down. I probably shouldn't be bending down to pick stuff up, or carrying heavy stuff, but since I can, it will be hard to make the intentional decision not to.

Today is my last day of antibiotics and I'm feeling about 90%. I can't wait to get back to my 100% self soon! I had a great weekend spending some quality time with Jesse, celebrating Clementine's birthday with my family and going to cheer on the San Francisco Giants. Did you see my post yesterday about how to get great tickets at fair prices with ScoreBig?

Baby is the size of: A Butternut Squash! I know I say this every week, but I can't believe the baby is that big! I don't feel like I have gotten big enough to have something that big inside of me!! 

Weight Gain: 14 lbs. I don't think I gained very much weight this week because my diet consisted of Cheerios, toast, and soup. 

Common Symptoms

Fatigue: Yes, but from being sick.

Swollen Ankles and Feet: I haven't had this feeling yet. All of my shoes still fit but when I come home the first thing I do is take off my shoes, rings, clothes and get into some comfy pajamas.

Blurry Vision: No, I haven't had this.

Difficulty Sleeping: Yes! Yes! Yes! But not because of the pregnancy- since two Thursdays ago I have woken up every single night around 2am with a bag cough. I was so sick that Jesse and I were sleeping apart- I was in the bed with my Snoogle, heating pad on my back, ice pack on my neck, cough drops all around me for easy access, water bottle, tissues, and Vicks Vapo rub. Jesse was on the couch because I kept waking him up and it was better. Last night was a first night in over a week of this sleeping arrangement that Jesse and I both slept in our bed.

The only thing that got my through those sleepless nights was Pitch Perfect. I watched it every single night when I was sick. "Seems like everyone's gotta price, I wonder how they sleep at night, when the sale comes first and the truth comes second, just stop for a minute and smile...." I can't wait for the Perfect Pitch Perfect 2 Party I am working on!!! Stay tuned for more!!!

Backaches: Well, this is quite hilarious. I haven't had any back pain because I was so focused on the discomfort of my sinus infection. Oh, and the fact that I was taking Tylenol to help with the pain. The first time I popped those Tylenol pills on Wednesday, I was on CLOUD 9!!! It was amazing! I hadn't had any pain medication since October, so needless to say, it was amazing!!

Leg Cramps: I've been having these in the morning when I wake up and stretch but they're not too painful.

I could not survive without: My heating pad from Walgreens, my husband, my Nike pants that I've practically lived in the last couple of weeks, my friends texting me to check up on me, the care we received at One Medical!!!! Last Tuesday at 2am I couldn't take it anymore and got online and made an appointment for One Medical at 8am (this is how crazy I am: I emailed my school Principal that I was going to the doctor and would come in after. Obviously, when I was diagnosed with the sinus infection I emailed her and said I couldn't come in. But that's what I'm talking about. It takes a big set back for me to stop and realize I can't keep going so fast!). 

Looking forward to: We have our breastfeeding class this weekend. Am I looking forward to it? Hmmm...guess I'm not sure about that one. But it is also our last class, which will be nice!!!!! Also, we will be celebrating Jesse's 30th birthday this weekend!! 

On my to-do list: Assemble the dresser I just ordered for Coco, pack our hospital bag, drop shower thank you notes in the mail, get Jesse a birthday present, go swimming (I haven't been in two weeks), and start thinking about Mother's Day presents for the ladies in my life!!

I hope everyone has a lovely week!!

xoxox, Caroline



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