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My new favorite hobby (and I swear this happened naturally after I stumbled upon a new mom's instagram account) is to look at accounts of women who have recently had children and look at their posts the last couple of weeks before their delivery. It's so fun for me to see them counting down, posting things like, "get here already" #superimpatient, or writing captions like, "41 weeks is really way too long to be pregnant!!!" And then, all of a sudden, they post a magical photo of them holding their new baby announcing it's arrival #cantimaginelifebeforehim.

I've definitely hopped aboard the countdown train, I guess intentionally with my weekly pregnancy updates and unintentionally with my hashtags of how many weeks I am. The funny thing about sharing my countdown, other than how many times I say I can't believe this is happening, is that I really don't want this pregnancy to be over! Well, at least not quite yet. I've had the most magical pregnancy and I don't really know how many kids we will have. I'd love to have three or four of five, but so many things can happen that you really can't predict anything. I had the thought the other day, "what if this is my one and only pregnancy?" And I started thinking a lot about that idea. On the one hand I was thinking, will I ever have a better pregnancy than this one? I feel amazing and it's been such a treat from the moment we found out we were with child (haha). I'll never have this much time to dedicate to working out, taking care of myself, resting, and blogging about pregnancy because I'll have a little one running around.

Next, I started thinking about whether or not I made the most out of this pregnancy! I'm not really sure what I could have done to get more out of it, but what if the next six weeks are the last six weeks I'll ever be pregnant- did I do everything I wanted to? I am so grateful that I've been able to chronicle my pregnancy on Perfect 10 SF and never would have thought that one day my baby girl will have a place to go read all of the things I was thinking and feeling when she was growing and developing inside of me. Maybe when she's pregnant I'll force her to read my blog so she can't dispute me when I say that I had the easiest pregnancy (my mom always said she had the easiest labor ever and we really have no way of knowing).

I hope when people see my countdowns they don't think I want to get this baby out of me as soon as possible. Honestly, I feel the opposite: I want the baby to stay in there and grow big and also, I know as soon as she comes out there is no turning back- our new life will start. My identity will gain one more very important aspect: MOTHER! Ahhhhh!!! I'm too goofy for this, aren't I?!

So you probably won't see any #getoutofmenow hashtags on my Instagram posts, but hopefully I can really exercise my patience these next couple of weeks and enjoy the ride. I also want to say congratulations to friends, family, and readers who have recently found out that they're pregnant! It feels like every single day for the past two weeks I have found out that someone else is expecting! Congratulations, best wishes, good luck, and have fun!! I hope this post finds you well!

Here are the 10 things I will miss the most about being pregnant (in no particular order):

  1. The surprised, grateful, guilty look on peoples' faces when they see me, the pregnant lady, holding the door open for them. I don't even think about it anymore, I've always held doors open for others but I will miss their reactions!
  2. Reading and learning so much about my body and the changes. I've enjoyed spending the last few months devouring as much information as possible about pregnancy, symptoms, and what to expect.
  3. Being able to talk to random pregnant women and parents around Noe Valley about everything, from their labor story to their favorite thing about their stroller, without feeling like a total creeper.
  4. Maternity clothes! Hard to believe, right? I know so many women hate their maternity wardrobe but it's going to be VERY hard for me to give up my three pairs of pants with elastic waistbands for buttons, zippers, and clasps! And I can't even bear the thought of giving up my Rebecca Minkoff faux fur maternity vest. That thing has been my savior!
  5. Feeling the baby kick! Right now the two of us have a special bond. I know exactly what she's doing during almost every minute of the day: I know when she's sleeping, excited, going crazy, and growing. I will never have the opportunity to know her every move (something I'll either be wishing for or dreading during her adolescence). It will be lovely when she arrives and everyone can hold her, but I know I'll miss being the one to hold her all the time.
  6. Gaining double digit pounds and people genuinely saying to me, "you don't look like you've gained any weight at all!!!!!"
  7. Being able to carry my heating pad around with me and plugging it in where ever and whenever I want.
  8. Night time talks with Jesse where we lay on the couch, just the two of us and talk about our days, our goals, life with baby, our dreams, and our funny stories. I will miss this time in our lives when it's just the two of us!
  9. Texting my sister Caitlin with ridiculous pregnancy questions and comments. Most of her responses are just the classic, "Mmhmmm". 
  10. My weekly pregnancy updates on Perfect 10 SF. They have been an amazing way for me to reflect on my experience, share and connect with readers, and capture this special time in my life. They have become my absolute favorite ones to write and I am curious where the blog will go next!

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a lovely day! xo, Caroline



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