While I love focusing on my Perfect 10 feet, I think it's important to also focus on the dainty jewels on our perfect 10 fingers! I've been lucky enough that my fingers have not swelled at all during pregnancy and I can still wear most of my rings (did I just jinx myself?). My sister Caitlin was so thoughtful when she was in the hospital delivering her first baby, she had gifts for all of the nurses, hospital staff, and even for all of us siblings! I don't know if I'm that organized to do that for everyone but I am going to try. She gave us beautiful necklaces and gave all the guys mugs that said 'uncle'.

With ShopBop's wide selection of items and super fast shipping, it makes it a whole easier for me to be thoughtful towards others when I am so distracted with my pre-baby arrival to-do list. Since my sisters and I share practically everything, it doesn't make sense for me to get matching gifts for everyone. Rather, it's much better to get different pieces of jewelry that we can all share. I love wearing stackable rings and love the idea of us all having matching gold rings. 

After searching Shopbop's extensive ring collection, I found these perfect presents and think they fit each of personalities! For Caitlin the shamrock from Jennifer Meyer is the obvious choice- it was her wedding decor and she believes in the luck of the Irish. Colleen would obviously get the over-the-top Moschino knuckle rings and Claire would get the love ring from Sarah Chloe because everything she does, she does with love and she's getting married soon and it's a great reminder of the love she shares with Mike (see their engagement photos that Jesse took HERE). The Jacquie Aiche heart ring is perfect for my mom because she lives her life following her heart and has taught all of us to do that as well. At such a great price, I'd take the Gorjana stackable heart rings- I love that they are a set of three, just like my soon to be family of three!

I guess I'll have to check out East Dane to see what to get the guys!!



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