HAPPY TUESDAY! I hope everyone is feeling great!! Yesterday was Jesse's 30th Birthday (did you see my post on him?) so today I'll be sharing my 35 weeks pregnancy update! Hard to believe that we only have a few short weeks to go. Truthfully, I have so many things that I am counting down in my life (end of classes, graduation, end of school year at my counseling site, my mom's birthday) that I know this delivery is going to sneak up on me and all of a sudden I will be like, "oh my, this baby will be here any day!"

I don't really have too much to share on this pregnancy update- things have been going well and I'm finally recovered from my sinus infection. This past weekend Jesse and I went for a nice long hike at Fort Funston and then had dinner with both of our parents at Piccino.  It was lovely to get both sets of the soon-to-be grandparents (Jesse's for the first time and my parents for the third time) together.

I am still able to sleep well, which I am extremely grateful for. I've still been exercising a lot and moving around. I was surprised this weekend at how sore I was- it was sometimes difficult to move. At times, it felt like this baby girl was way too big for my belly. The pain I feel is right under and to the sides of my belly. It hurts to turn over in bed and sometimes walking can be hard. I usually just push through it because I want to be able to keep exercising up until delivery. I guess I should clarify- it's not so painful that I can't do it, it's more just surprising at how quickly your body can change.

Oh, and the other thing that really crept up on me last week was acid reflex! I have had this experience probably twice before in my life. The burning sensation doesn't bother me that much because I know it's a good sign that my muscles are relaxing to get ready for delivery, it's more the constant feeling of being on the verge of throwing up. Not sure if that makes sense. 

I spent Sunday night with my sister Claire organizing our nursery. She is pretty much a professional organizer and we always have fun doing stuff together. We washed and folded the clean baby clothes, towels, blankets (we probably have ten blankets!! they're my favorite!), sheets, and bibs. We also hung up all of baby girl's dresses, sweaters, and coats. I was laughing because I'm hoping this baby comes out a girl! I've heard a few stories recently of people who think they're having a baby of a certain sex and then the baby comes out and is not what the technician said it was going to be. Either way, I will be happy to have a healthy baby. I just don't know what I'll do with all of these clothes!

Oh, one funny thing I've been doing recently, not on purpose, is sighing and grunting!!! I didn't even really realize I was doing it until Jesse pointed it out. I will be in the bathroom and Jesse will hear me down the hall because I'm sighing so loudly. Honestly, it sounds like I am trying to be dramatic and passive aggressive and have him ask me what's wrong. But really, I think my breathing rhythm has changed and it's my way of getting more oxygen. I grunt at night when I am tired and falling asleep. It totally cracks me up when Jesse points it out!!

I'm excited because we have a doctors appointment this Thursday! I love going to the doctors and it's my favorite when they take my blood pressure. I'm looking forward to weekly appointments the next couple of weeks. I just like going to make sure everything is okay!


Baby is the size of: A coconut. I'm definitely getting bigger, too! I can feel everything stretching, growing, and aching!

Common Symptoms

Frequent urge to pee: Yes, but this has been my whole life. The only difference is that I feel discomfort if I don't go right when I have to. I find myself planning my life around my pee schedule. I'll only go places where I know there is a bathroom. I frequently pop into restaurants and coffee shops just to use their bathrooms.

Increase in contractions: Honestly, not sure about this one. I haven't felt any contractions. I've also read that it's more common to have contractions during second and subsequent pregnancies.

Heartburn or indigestion: Yes, I've had lots of acid reflex and have Tums in my purse at all times. 

Things on my to-do list: Organize the garage storage // pack hospital bag // go on hospital tour // order glider for nursery // get a robe // get a pre-natal massage // get extra sets of house keys made to give to our parents and my sisters // meet Ayesha Curry

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