Happy Tuesday! Great news!! My computer started magically working last night!!! I am so over the moon thrilled!!

Last night Jesse and I watched the NCAA Finals at Horner's Corner in Noe Valley. I absolutely love watching basketball and don't really get a chance to watch it as often as I like, so it was fun to be able to sit and watch the entire, and very exciting, game! I was cheering for Wisconsin because they were the underdogs (gotta love a good underdog story like our state championship game) and Jesse was cheering for Duke because that's who he always selects every year. Without my glasses I can't see too far, so I never really knew what the score was, so it really felt like Wisconsin was dominating the whole game, when in actuality they were only up by a few points- maybe with a maximum lead of 7 or 8.

Towards the end I was cheering for Duke for two reasons: that darling little Duke freshman Grayson Allen rallied the team and helped them win. Secondly, with the most possible points in the bracket (yay! for perfect picks early on), I had already clenched the top position of the March Madness prior to the game, so I wanted Duke to win so that Jesse and I could both feel victory!!

You're probably wondering, "what the heck? I thought this was a pregnancy/ lifestyle/ San Francisco / humor blog! What's with all the sports talk?!" Well, I do love sports and I'm thinking I'm going to use my success at one passion towards another. Don't I have to buy something Duke Blue Devil blue with the money I won?!

I had such perfect picks with March Madness and now these are my perfect picks with my winnings!

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