Happy Wednesday! I wanted to share a little bit about my recent experience with Halo Blow Dry Bar! I've known about Halo for a while because when I worked in Atherton all of my students talked about the best blow dry bar Halo! I'd been wanting to check it out for a while and was delighted when Halo invited me to visit their Burlingame location for a tour and blow out!

I'm no stranger to blow dry bars or even getting my hair done for that matter- I used to be a hair model every now and then in college. I absolutely love getting my hair done and as I'm feeling more and more pregnant, I'm surprised to discover the tasks that I am losing patience with. Right at the top of the list is drying my hair. Maybe because it's getting longer and thicker, but I honestly have no desire to blow dry it. Which is funny, because I honestly don't mind spending the time to style it with hot rollers, a curling iron, or a straightener. I simply just can't stand to dry it! I will get up extra early to wash it and let it air dry for hours before it's barely wet and all I have to do is dry it for two minutes.

I think almost all women wish that someone would do their hair for them every day- at least that's my wish! As much as I love San Francisco, I was eager to escape the rain we had and head south to Burlingame or B-game Ave, as my peninsula friends call it. I love that Halo is right off of the main street, making it accessible but not so public that pedestrians strolling along can see you with brushes in your hair.

I'm not sure if it was because I left the city or because of the friendly staff and comfortable environment, but I felt extremely pampered- which I gladly welcomed as my bump is getting bigger by the hour! 

Here are my favorite things about Halo:

The Name: When I was growing up, my mother would always tell the story of how I was born with a halo on my head: a little crown of golden white hair! I feel like the name Halo works for this place because it is heaven!

The Products: Halo uses Oribe products and I love the smell and light-weight hold. I liked the heat protectant and hair spray and will definitely be picking those up when I go back! I was also touched to receive a VIP goodie box with Oribe dry shampoo, as well as a headband to wear in the shower to  help prolong my blow out,

The Decor: The bright blue and orange are a winning combination in my eye because they remind me of BuildingConnected and because they are vibrant! I also loved the quotes in the bathroom like, "Looking Good is Never a Sin"!

The Functionality: Each Halo is custom designed to fit the space (the complete opposite of In-N-Out where every store looks the same). Also, the hair dryers hang from the ceiling to make it more ergonomic for the stylists- how cool is that! It honestly made me want to go home and find a way to hang my hair dryer from the ceiling!

The Friendly Staff: Everyone who works there was very friendly and I loved my stylist Audrey. She kept checking in on making to make sure I was alright. 

The Full Package: The Burlingame location offers more than just blow outs! You can get your makeup done! This seems like the perfect one-stop-shop for ladies going to prom or weddings. You don't have to worry about running from appointment to appointment!

The Privacy: At this location Halo offers a private room for styling and make up application if you prefer- talk about VIP treatment!

Be sure to check out Halo Blow Dry Bar for their other locations, promotions, and styles!! Here are a few interior shots of the Burlingame location! I can't wait to go back!!

Thank you Halo for hosting me! I had the perfect time being pampered!!