If you've seen me recently, there's a 99% chance that I've been wearing this top from A Pea in the Pod! I've said this from the very beginning of Perfect 10 SF, but for the most part I have a uniform and reserve getting dressed up for when I'm feeling extra excited or going to a fun event. It stems from my decades of wearing uniforms. 

One of my go-to places for maternity wear has been A Pea in the Pod. I'm always browsing their site and even popped over the Golden Gate Bridge to their Corte Madera location. They carry such great brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Isabella Oliver, Vince, Rachel Zoe, 7 for Mankind, J. Brand, enabling you to feel like you really can #stylethebump. I've been living in my white jeans on sunny days (they're on sale now!) and J.Crew maternity Pixie Pants at night! I've been wearing switching off between these Sam Edelman booties in grey and a black Tory Burch pair. I know by 34 weeks I'll be in full-on atheleisure mode and will be wearing sneakers 24/7 (I can't wait for these Adidas Sneakers to arrive!).

With less than eight more weeks to go, I'm not rushing out and buying a lot of new pieces; I'm taking a more calculated approach to purchases. Almost all of the maternity clothes I have are darker and medium weight. I'm looking to add a white dress, casual every day dress, and am looking for the perfect dress to wear to two weddings we have in May- just weeks before our June 2nd due date (one thing that REALLY drives me crazy is that the Apple auto correct feature always changes due date to die date!!! It always scares me so much!!! I feel like we need some female engineers at Apple to fix that!!). I think for the first time in my life I am feeling like I want some more color in my wardrobe!!!

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy with baby showers, Jesse's 30th, Warriors playoffs, graduation, and weddings! I think the only way I'm going to get through all of it is by exercising! That's always been my favorite hobby and been my favorite thing to do during pregnancy. This NY Times article about Mother's Exercise benefitting babies was a good read and reminded me to stay active. I think I mentioned this in my 32 Weeks Update post, but I've really noticed that my energy level is very high but my physical endurance is changing. I've been going for longer swims and trying to go for a few short walks a day, rather than one long one.

Since I really don't know how big I'm going to be at these weddings when I'm 37 and 39 weeks pregnant, I have a feeling I'll be doing some last minute shopping! Here are some perfect Pea in the Pod pieces I am considering! Also, don't miss my recent post on the Right Start Blog, "Self-Compassion During Pregnancy".