Happy Thursday! For many people today is just the day before Friday of Memorial Weekend. But for me and my fellow cohort members it's a day we've been waiting for since August 2012: our graduation!! I have to congratulate everyone in our MFT Program for making it all the way!

Honestly, I've been thinking and reflecting about this day a lot recently. One of the main reasons is because I really wanted to make it to graduation without Baby Coco showing up beforehand (i still won't feel in the clear until I cross the stage). I also am ready to say good bye to USF. I've loved my time in the program, the people I've met, my professors, my personal growth, and the experience, but when I receive my diploma I will feel like this phase of my life is complete and I'm ready for parenthood!

I don't want this post to be perceived as boastful or arrogant, but I have to say I am really proud of myself, which is something I never feel. When I think back on decisions I've made and different steps I've taken to get where I am, this USF program is the first one I decided on my own. My parents have always given my siblings and me a lot of autonomy in our decision making from a very young age (which I hope Jesse and I do, too) and when I applied to grad school I felt like it was my first adult decision.

Studying psychology makes you change and hopefully for the better. Spending the last three years observing behavior, examining myself, and constantly evaluating our marriage has been wonderful, insightful, inspiring and frankly, exhausting! I am looking forward to taking a break from always asking why!!

I could not have gotten through this program without my loving husband and I am forever grateful for his support. We always laugh that this program has made our marriage stronger. I like to think it's because I bring great perspective, knowledge, and understanding to our relationship, but it really might be because I had class so many nights and weekends that Jesse was able to work on BuildingConnected and not feel like he was ignoring me!

For the past three years I have had classes two nights a week and most weekends- my friends know that there wasn't a single Saturday where I didn't have a commitment for USF. I am thrilled to graduate and get my weekends back! Expect to see more Saturday posts as I explore San Francisco with Baby Coco!!!!


Thank you everyone for your support over the last three years! You might ask, "Caroline, you just graduated! What are you going to do now?!"

I'm going to Disneyland!