Happy Tuesday and THANK YOU WARRIORS for winning last night, am I right?! Not too exciting of a game and I mean that in the best way possible. We're not looking for excitement here, Curry. We're looking for wins (and I'm especially looking for some offensive rebounds)!.

Yesterday I had a blast visiting with my friend Nancy at Rosewood Sandhill. It was great to catch up with her and talk about my upcoming labor since she is a Nurse Practitioner and has worked in labor and delivery before. Did you read yesterday's post on my 37 Weeks Pregnancy Update?

I wanted to share this look from the weekend at our friend Jimmy and Mary's wedding at Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery. The dress is from Madewell and I actually bought it for post-maternity style (since I can never pass up on a red dress) but was able to squeeze into it for the wedding (or so I think- I wonder what the other guests thought). I also love this tweed textured jacket from Ted Baker and have been throwing it over everything recently, the way some people do with jean jackets (which has been added to my list of things I'm on the search for! Jean jackets are tricky for me because they're usually too short and make my torso look funny). I love that it goes from day to night easily and can be work with a dress, jeans, and of course, Pixie Pants. We have another wedding this weekend and I am trying to figure out what I am going to wear. Hopefully I can just pull something out of my closet and have it fit!

Ted Baker is one of my favorite designers because I love his use of colors and shapes. He feels like Kate Spade's British cousin or something! Shop some of my favorite Ted Baker looks here!