Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great day. The Perfect 10 Picks posts are some of my favorites because I get to share the variety of things that interest me with readers.

One // WARRIORS! Yes, last night's game was amazing. I watched it with my parents at their house and we were screaming and cheering and it brought us all back to our State Championship days! Also, if you didn't already love MVP Steph Curry before, how could you not after his post-game press conference with his adorable daughter Riley!

Two // The hardest thing for me after finishing a good book is finding a new one that's just as good at grabbing me. I usually get my reading recommendations from my friend Carol. I found this list of "21 Books From the Last Five Years that Every Woman Should Read" and I'm proud I've read a handful! I can't wait to read the entire list at some point (I'm not putting a deadline on this since there's a baby on the way!).

Three // One of my favorite clothing lines Brochu Walker is having a spring sale for friends and family. See how I've styled some of my favorite Brochu Walker pieces here and here. Use promo code Spring30Friend for 30% off! 

Four // Whether you love or hate to fly, I think this is a very interesting  (and surprisingly visually stimulating) NY Times article from the perspective of a pilot. "In Flight: En route from London to Tokyo, a pilot's eye view of the sky" 

Five // Did you see yesterday's post with the handmade sugar cookies from my friend Kerri? I am still so in love with them!! See the images and get the recipe here!

Six // The last two days of pregnancy have been really fun because this little baby girl is kicking me like crazy!!! She pushes up on my ribs with her feet. I'm not being sarcastic, I think it's really funny and always catches me by surprise. I can't wait to see her in a few short weeks! I can't wait to snuggle her in all of the comfy clothes and blankets we have for her.

Seven // Would it be impractical to get these shoes before baby arrives? I feel like I probably won't be wearing heels for a while after she's here, but I still really want them! 

Eight // Last night Jesse and I put together our glider for the nursery. I feel like every other day a huge box arrives and every other night, Jesse is assembling something! I think that's it for the big items and our nursery is all set. The BEST thing we did was get the nursery organized months in advance. I could not imaging trying to decorate it at 35 weeks pregnant. We ordered this Eddie Bauer glider from Target because I felt like it was the perfect intersection of price and style. I couldn't believe that some gliders go for over $1,000!!

Nine // I hate to admit it but I didn't have a chance to see Pitch Perfect 2 opening weekend (insert monkey emoji with hands over eyes) but I'm looking forward to seeing a matinee this week and being the only one in the theater with my Milkduds. Who saw it? What did you think?

Ten // I'd love to get people's Netflix recommendations for maternity leave!! Please let me know if there are any good shows or movies that you think I should watch. I don't like anything dark and sad!! Just light and airy!!