Dress: Liz Lange Maternity for Target (c/o) // Jacket: Target (non-maternity) // Purse: Target c/o 

With my last week of pregnancy here, I am feeling so many mixed emotions!! I'm delighted to partner with Target and The Bump to share some of my favorite maternity looks from the past couple of weeks!! Check back each day for some maternity style inspiration! I'm going to miss styling this bump! Good luck to everyone who is pregnant and is braving the maternity aisles and sites!

This outfit got me through pregnancy! Who doesn't love a great denim piece? The thing I found about dressing my bump was that I was a little bit more adventurous in trying pieces that I wouldn't normally try, like this dress. It doesn't seem too adventurous to most, but since I mostly wear really structured pieces, the shape was a leap for me. You can also change the overall look by throwing on a different sweater or jacket for some color. Think of this dress as a blank canvas.

I cannot believe that this is our last week of pregnancy!!!! 40 Weeks- wow, how time flies!!! I want to send a special hug and kiss to all of my friends and family who are expecting!! I love seeing my Facebook newsfeed with updates about others' pregnancy! It's SO fun to see everyones' baby bump grow!! Keep posting those darling photos- I LOVE them!!!

We went to the doctor on Friday and discovered that I was two, almost three centimeters, dilated (you need to get to four centimeters to be admitted to the hospital and you push at ten centimeters). The doctor seemed pretty surprised, especially because I told her I haven't been feeling the contractions. I only noticed them when I was hooked up to the monitors at the hospital after WaterGate 2015 (read about that here). 

I have mentioned it before that I'm not the biggest fan when pregnant ladies complain and say, "get this baby out of me!" or "#40weeksandimpatient" but I can see why people say that. It's getting a little bit more uncomfortable, but I still think the best way to describe it as the soreness after running a race I didn't train for.

After the doctors appointment I was feeling like the baby girl could arrive at any moment. Well, obviously she hasn't and I'm okay with that-- she will come when she is ready. Jesse and I had the best weekend together and let me tell you, since he is on paternity leave he created and completed an eleven item to-do list! I haven't been nesting at all since Jesse is my hero and doing it for the two of us! Although we're on baby watch, we're heading downtown to check out his new office! His company is moving to a bigger space and we want to check it out.

Yesterday we walked three miles around Stow Lake and then saw Pitch Perfect 2 with my sisters. It was the perfect day! I'm feeling excited, but patient as we wait for our baby arrive. I've appreciated the enthusiasm of my family, but I am just trying to be calm and centered so that I can be prepared for labor. A lot of people have asked me if I am nervous and honestly, I don't feel nervous. I think visiting the hospital last week really helped. That was my playoff game and now when I go back it will be for delivery and the championship!! Going for the W! Speaking of wins, I miss the Warriors- I can't wait for them to start playing again!!! 

There is a full moon on June 2 and old wives tales say that babies are always born on full moons! We shall see if that is true. We have a doctors appointment on Friday and I am supposed to schedule an appointment for June 8th or 9th to be induced if she still hasn't arrived. Fun to think that our baby could have the same birthday as our three year wedding anniversary on June 9th!!

Thanks for all of your support! Don't forget to check back this week for more maternity styles!!! 

Baby is the size of: A Jack fruit. Yep, I can finally believe it. I feel like I've gotten a lot bigger in the last few days.

Weight Gain: 22 lbs

Common Symptoms: Same as 39 weeks.

Excited about: We just moved the Halo Bassinet next to our bed and it made things feel so real!! We've packed the hospital bag and installed the car seat. Driving around and seeing the car seat is so crazy to me! We have the stroller in the trunk. I can't wait to bring baby girl to Stow Lake for walks!!



See some of our essentials below. I'm excited to share more product reviews on my BABY Blog!

A special thanks to Target for partnering on this post.