Happy Friday!! This is the final look with my partnership with Target maternity style! This black dress is perfect for date night or a wedding. It's extremely comfortable and the lace sleeves makes it feel dressy. I never really know when our last pre-baby date night is going to be, so I treat each time Jesse and I go out like it is our last! We make early reservations, I get super dressed up, stuff my face at dinner, and then go home and put on my sweats!! 

I hope everyone has fun weekend plans! Hopefully we are able to get out of town and get some sun- my legs look so pale that the truck was white, you might have thought the images were in black and white! LOL (on a side note: I've been wanting to bring LOL back but I feel like people have such disdain for it. But a lot of times I really do laugh out loud. What are others' thoughts?).

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