A few weeks ago when the news broke that Full House was returning to television, my phone started blowing up (I never use that vernacular, but in this case it's the best way to describe what happened). Yes, everyone who knows me knows that I think I am the long lost Olsen triplet (see here for proof if you don't believe me). We are all still waiting to see if Mary Kate and Ashley have signed on to the show- word on the street is that they did not even know about the show returning. 

For those who don't know, MK&A have been busy since their time spent as the Tanners. They've launched several fashion lines including The Row and Elizabeth and James (named after two of their siblings). People in the fashion industry respect what they've done and have even awarded them several CFDA awards.

Not too long ago they released a perfume Nirvana in two scents- black and white- I prefer the white. A few weeks ago they released these perfume solids and I am in love!! You can just swipe them on and you get long-lasting wear without being too over powering. I also love that you can mix the two perfumes- I call this one GREY and it's my way of feeling like a triplet- "see, we each have our own scent, Mary Kate and Ashley!"

Since the beginning of time I've always carried around gum, deodorant, chapstick, and perfume in my purse. I usually get samples from Sephora of my perfume or I pick up a rollerball perfume. The thing is I always worry about those breaking in my purse and creating a huge problem. I love the practicality of the perfume solids for women on the go, like myself.

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