Dear Baby Coco, Petunia, Tunie, 

I wanted to take the time to write you a little letter so I could share my feelings and give you insight into how I've been feeling. In a few short days you will be making your grand entrance into the world. While everyone will be meeting you for the first time, I have had the special privilege of getting to know you over the past couple of months. We have had an amazing time together and I can't believe our alone time is coming to an end.

I know that you will bring so much joy to everyone around you throughout the years of your life. Starting with your dad, your grandparents- Gamps, Moncher, Grammy, and Papa P- your aunts and uncles, and our friends and family. You're going to grow up for a little bit thinking that there are only amazing, talented, bright, loving, thoughtful, successful people in this world. And I'm so grateful that your existence has helped me see loved ones in an even better light. You have brought out the best in people. Our friends and family have all been so kind and generous to us since finding out about you.

From the very beginning I have called you my Lucky Charm. SO much wonderful stuff has come about because of you. You caused me to stop and think about major life choices, grow as a person, and you've even brought your dad and me closer, which I didn't really think was possible. We've had some hilarious moments together and I've only cried a handful of times during this pregnancy and it was never because of sadness- it was mostly because it feels good to cry sometimes. 

You've been so good to me and to my body. When I got my tarot cards read she said that you were a gentle baby and also strong. I'm looking forward to seeing that combination in you- it's like you're the perfect combination of me and your dad. Of course, I asked about delivery and she said that you would be good to me. I have to thank you for treating me well- I never had any nausea, fatigue, discomfort, or complaints. You also made me feel like a badass when people would ask my due date and furrow their brow in disbelief when I responded-- I couldn't possibly look that good for being so close!

You also gave me lots of strength during this pregnancy and made me want to be better. When I would observe a trait about myself that I deemed unpleasant, I would think to myself I don't want my daughter to have a mother with this trait and it motivated me to change. I hope you always inspire me to change for the best. You also made me a better therapist. You opened my eyes to a new perspective of parenthood and helped me understand the love that parents feel for their children.

One of the most important things you did was help me understand my own relationship with my parents. I finally understood all of the heartfelt times over the years that they would say they were proud of me. The thing is, you have no idea how your child is going to turn out and when they turn out to be someone kind and special you are proud of them. I can't wait to be proud of all that you accomplish. 

Your dad and I have been having the best time with one another these last few months. You're going to learn very quickly how much he loves you and how he will do anything for us. He never said no when I would ask him to assemble something late at night and he would NEVER stop half way through a project even when I begged him to. Hopefully you will get his hard work ethic. He's been working a lot these past few weeks so he can be 100% dedicated when you arrive. He'll teach you all types of things like physics, math, problem solving, computer skills, jump training techniques, calf raises, how to fold clothes really tightly, how to grill, Photoshop, patience, and logic (Lord knows I'm a lost cause when teaching you how to be logical).

I'll teach you how to command a room when speaking in public, how to think of others, how to get under your aunts' skin, how to make Daddy laugh, and how to throw a great party. Together we will teach you how to love and be loved, how to set a volleyball, sink a half court shot, make life-long friends, travel well, and dream big. 

I've scouted out all of the talents of our family and friends and I've lined them up to teach you: organic chemistry, guitar, swimming, event planning, French and Italian, space exploration, 90210 and Friends trivia, Star Wars lore, real estate, soccer, theater lighting, cooking, and art appreciation.

It'd be nice if you could also learn a few things that I could never do so I can live through you: how to do a perfect cartwheel, speak a foreign language, play Heart and Soul on the piano, and drive a stick shift. No pressure!

You will have everything you need to be happy, so please know that you are loved by so many and I hope that you share your love with others throughout your entire life. Also, please, please, please have gratitude for all of the wonderful things in life. 

We cannot wait to have you here and snuggle you!!! We love you!!!!



PS- Camilla and Clementine can't wait to meet you! Camilla asks about you every day! You are going to all be best friends and bonded for life (hopefully one of you is a size 10 shoe)!