This is my darling niece, Camilla at my graduation from USF a few weeks ago. She is reading my diploma like it's her favorite book (last night I had a dream that I was at graduation and I didn't make it on stage in time for them to call my name and then suddenly I was upstairs at SVdP Church and a nice Italian woman was giving me a counterfeit diploma...hmmm).

My two nieces, Camilla and Clementine have brought so much joy to everyone around them, especially me and Jesse when we were anticipating the arrival of Lillian. Every time we babysat it felt like great practice and are grateful that Caitlin would lend her kids to us-- it was a win- win, though. She got free babysitting and we got free parenting practice.

My absolute favorite gift to give C & C is socks! Anytime I go to a store and they have toddler socks I buy them for the girls. With summer on it's way, I thought it would make more sense to get summer clothes for them. Here are some adorable pieces I found and wanted to share.

A quick update on Little Miss Lillian's style: she is still in newborn clothes from her cousins and I think next week will fit into the newborn clothes we have for her. Stay Tunie, I mean tuned, for some photos of LJP in her adorable outfits!