Happy Friday!! I hope that everyone has fun weekend plans for Father's Day! Little Miss Lillian and I cannot wait to celebrate our favorite new dad Jesse!!! You might be surprised to see that in all of the photos of LJP she is not wearing her signature red and grey, but rather she is wearing a softer pastel palette. The reason is that most of the clothes I have for her are still too big, which is funny because she is a healthy sized baby and when I weighed her yesterday she weighed over 8 lbs!!

Luckily the hand me downs from my sister Caitlin (is there another name than this because they do not feel like hand me downs at all! They are in perfect condition and seem brand new) fit her perfectly. The one brand in particular that I have been dressing her in is Kissy Kissy. Their onesies are incredibly soft and delicate- perfect for our little newborn.

While we have an entire closet full of clothes, thankfully most of them were gifted to us, I think that our Little Miss looks so adorable in her white Gap newborn onesies. I know all pregnant women do it- I'm guilty of it as well- when you're waiting for your little one to arrive it's so hard to picture what life will be like. And so, we gravitate towards the tangible, i.e. clothes, strollers, burp clothes, and in my case, blankets. And none of that really matters. While I'm not discouraging mothers from doing that because I think it some ways it keeps us busy with something to do as we countdown the weeks, I would say that life on the other side with baby makes your forget about that darling gingham print dress and Burberry onesie (yes, of course I have both of these and now I sound like a huge hypocrit).

The Kissy Kissy onesies I received from Caitlin have been our go-to pieces because they have been worn and washed a few times and that little bit of shrinkage (can't help but think of George Costanza in that one Seinfeld episode) have made them the perfect size for our Lil' Lil (that's what Jesse calls her). The polka dot Kissy Kissy onesie pictured above on my sumo wrestler baby was a gift from my sister Claire for Lillian's coming home outfit. With Kissy Kissy onesies averaging around $40-$50 I think that they make the perfect gift for new moms because they're not necessarily something one would buy themselves. Below are some of my favorite Kissy Kissy items to give as gifts!

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing dads out there, especially Jesse, Gamps, and Papa Pete!