Happy Thursday! Did everyone go stock up on Target Baby Essentials?! I even placed two more orders yesterday after my post and picked up a Magic Baby Bullet (has anyone seen the infomercial for the Magic Bullet? It cracks me up!) for when Lillian starts to eat solids at six months of age.

I am so delighted to share this lovely story with you. I received this gorgeous handmade quilt from a Perfect 10 SF reader who found me on Instagram a few months ago. Cassie and I immediately connected and exchanged a few emails about ourselves, our pregnancies, and our entrepreneurial interests. Cassie's Etsy shop Modern Clementine is nothing short of amazing!!! You can check it out here!! I also loved that her name started with a C an that her shop shared a name with my niece and goddaughter. 

I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by thoughtful and generous people and quite frequently I find myself politely turning down gestures and gifts from others because I do not want them to spend a lot of time or money on us. But frankly, when Cassie said she wanted to make a quilt for our little baby girl a few months ago, I did not even hesitate and politely obliged. 

When Cassie's quilt arrived I was completely surprised and extremely touched. I never could have imagined the thoughtfulness, care, detail, style, and love that Cassie put into this quilt. She even included a handmade heart garland. She had seen pictures of the nursery and used that for inspiration- red, white, grey and hearts! I think she nailed it!

If you're looking for a beautiful gift for a loved one, I highly recommend you check out Cassie's Etsy shop Modern Clementine and follow her on Instagram.