Happy Tuesday and Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!! Before I share the update on my pregnancy, I wanted to let readers know that I am taking over the Pink Blush Maternity Instagram account! Follow along to see what my day is like!

Well here we are at 36 Weeks! I don't really have too much to say other than I am still feeling great and grateful for all of the love and support from everyone. Aches and tiny pains vary throughout the weeks and even throughout the days and at this particular moment I am feeling pretty good. 

Last week I had acid reflux at least once a day and always had Tums with me. It seems like I traded in cough drops for Tums! What was weird was that I wasn't eating anything too spicy or acidic, things like yogurt and bananas were bothering me. I pretty much ate toast and crackers and water. This week things seem to be fine, but rest assured that I still am carrying Tums with me every where I go!

Jesse and I had a lovely weekend together enjoying each other's company, getting ready for baby, and working on some fun projects together (did you see yesterday's post with the beautiful photos of Ghirardelli chocolate? Jesse took those amazing photos!). We also went to Right Start to purchase the Halo Bassinet for Baby Coco.

My family has a bassinet that every Curran baby has used- my siblings and my cousins all used it. Caitlin used it for her babies and my cousin used it for hers too. I decided it would be best to leave it at my parents house in my mommy quarters (the two bedrooms I've converted into a nursery/ playroom and bedroom for me). Since my parents live the perfect walking distance from me I know I will spend those first few weeks and months walking over to their house, putting Coco down for a nap and taking one myself. I figured it was best to have the family bassinet there and order a more compact one for our house.

Jesse and I are going to put the Halo Bassinet together soon. I'll review it in my Baby products page so you can see our thoughts!! If others have used it I'd love to hear feedback about it!

We are less than a month away from our due date and I can't help but feel like I want to speed up time to get to my graduation on the 21st and then slow it down so that I can enjoy those final days. 

Baby is the size of: A honey dew!! She is almost reached her full length and is slowly getting bigger!

Weight Gain: 19 lbs!!! I was surprised to discover my jump in weight at last week's doctors appointment, especially since the previous weeks i had stayed the same. 

Common Symptoms

Better ability to breathe: I actually find myself holding my breath more. I am working the next couple of weeks on being more aware of my breathing and practicing breathing techniques. Jesse said I've been grunting a lot but I don't even notice it.

Pelvic Discomfort:This comes and goes but it's really not too painful, it's just surprising when I standup and I feel a little soreness. It's more the uncertainty of it than the actual pain that I find more noticeable.

Difficulty Sleeping: I've been very lucky that I've been able to sleep well, I just don't sleep as much. Before I could sleep 8 hours but since I've cut back on social events, meetings, and exercise, I find myself not as tired at night and I wake up early. It's been a tricky thing for me, finding the right balance of slowing down and resting during the days and doing enough to make myself tired. I've just been resting during the weeks because we have busy weekends coming up. Yesterday was the first time I took a nap in weeks and at first I felt guilty about it! How crazy is that! If I'm not working or running around I feel like I'm being lazy!! Yesterday, I actually fell asleep for about an hour and it was great. I'm trying to savor these last naps instead of feeling guilty!

Heartburn: Acid reflux as mentioned above. I just picture the Tums commercials where the Tums wrapper unwraps, remember that one?

Ankle and Foot Swelling: Haven't had any swelling. And my rings still fit. I wonder if I will wear those in the hospital?

Other weird things: This is SO sad- I currently am having an aversion to the smell of Mustela products. It's not severe, but it reminds me of being sick with my sinus infection since I showered five times a day, dried out my skin, and had to apply lotion twenty times a day. I'm hoping this goes away soon!

I have had no desire to eat tasty food and not just because of my acid reflux. I don't want to eat anything besides chocolate crossaints but I've been forcing myself to go to Whole Foods and get vegetables and salad. I feel like a three year old trying to get brussels sprouts down, which is funny because I love brussels sprouts! 

Oh, and my lips have been incredibly chapped! I've been lathering on First Aid Beauty Chapstick every five minutes! Please send any favorite chapstick brands my way!

I've had a lot of people email me about their pregnancy and I just wanted to extend the invitation to new readers to do the same! I love getting emails from new friends. You can reach me at

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