Tomorrow is May 4th, the unofficial holiday for Star Wars fans around the world. Last year Jesse and I had the special opportunity to celebrate by attending a private screening of Star Wars Episode 1: A New Hope (the original one). You can see my post about that here! Although I reached the one year mark for Perfect 10 SF in early April, this post from last May is very special to me for a number of reasons.

Jesse had always said that he wanted me to see all of the Star Wars movies- the original three and the more recent three- before we had kids. When I read the post and think back a year ago, I can't help but be extremely grateful for how much has changed and how much we have to look forward to. At the same time, the post I wrote still seems relevant, humorous and very much what I would write today. I honestly feel like I've had this goofy, carefree, eccentric personality since the 7th grade and it's fun to see that reaffirmed when I read past posts.

Jesse wanted us to watch all of the Star Wars movies together but he probably never imagined that we'd be watching them at 2am because my sinus infection made it impossible to sleep. We still have one last movie to watch, Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, which we will hopefully do before Baby Coco arrives! 

Since seeing the movies, I've stolen Jesse's Star Wars shirt and wear it all the time. I also make a TON of Star Wars references (talking like Yoda, telling Jesse I hung the closet rod with Jedi mind tricks, moving like C3PO) and understand all of the inside jokes now! I'm going to start wearing Star Wars gear because I'm a huge fan and I think it will make me feel like Natalie Portman at Comic Con. 

Oh, and since twins run in both of our families I told him that if we have twins we can name them Luke and Leia! I'm serious, too!

Jesse also sent me this cute link for 13 Star Wars Etsy finds! Maybe he knows me well enough to know I will be lured by the power of the dark side and buy some of this adorable stuff, like this Leia onesie!

Here are some perfect pieces that I think Princess Leia might like.