Happy Friday and Happy Birthday Celine!! I mentioned in a previous post that May is the month of my mother and I wanted to continue the celebrations today by sharing some things I have learned from having this perfect person as a guiding force in my life. The photo above is just a snippet of the presence my mom has in my daily life! Anyone else's call log look like this?

If you know me and my family, you know that we are VERY close. We spend a lot of time together, seek one another's advice, laugh together, support one another, and genuinely love one another. You also know that we all adore our parents and have a sincere gratitude for the influence our mom has had on our lives (the same goes for Timoteo, but I'll save my praise of him for June). I owe all of my humor, gratitude, generous spirit, ambition, and vision to my mom and I wanted to share ten things my mom has taught me over the years (in no particular order):

One // The importance of standing up straight, looking people in the eye, and saying your name clearly. Every Convent girl knows this lesson and after four years of Mrs. Curran making you introduce yourself to everyone from Madeleine Albright to the mail man to the 8th graders you were hosting as they shadowed, it starts to become natural and has helped land your dream job and make you more confident.

Two // Sports are a way of life. Celine is extremely athletic and proudly shares her memories of playing volleyball and basketball at USF. We all grew up with a love of watching and playing sports. My parents never missed one of our games and I could always hear them cheering and could pick out my mom's clap out of the crowd. Her signature move is making a half-court basketball shot BACKWARDS!

Three // Surround yourself with amazing women. With three wonderful sisters I'm lucky I don't have to look far to find great women to inspire me. My mom surrounds herself with only bright, thoughtful, creative, and interesting women and her selection in friends has shaped the type of female friends I look for and I'm forever grateful.

Four // If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. My mom's mom, my Nana, always used to say this and my mom has passed it along to our family. I don't think I've ever heard my mom speak poorly of anyone and I try to live up to her example.

Five // Keep it classy. I take it back. She has pointed out times when a little more class is needed. I think she also combines classy and professional. Always present yourself and your appearance so that your talents and capabilities are undeniable. 

Six // Look your best. Oh, and an outfit is never complete without a pashmina or scarf. Not much to add here. Growing up she always told us girls to brush our hair (it's probably part of a huge reason why I never do that messy, boho, beach wave hair look-haha!).

Seven // Develop your spiritual side. My mom is always reminding me, especially as I prepare for labor, about the importance of having a spiritual side and the strength it gives.

Eight // Don't complain. I've never heard Celine complain- about anything!! Growing up she would always say to us, "be a problem solver, not a problem maker". This attitude has gotten me so far in life. I wish other people would adopt this attitude. Honestly, if I hear people complain I immediately think this is not going to be a good friendship and try and cut ties.

Nine // Anxiety gets you no where and a sense of humor is invaluable. Always calm as a cucumber, my mom makes everything look easy and always reminded us to be confident and don't bother sweating the small stuff! 

Ten // Family is very important and call your mother. I am so grateful for the family that my parents have created and can't wait for Baby Coco to meet her Moncher!! I feel so blessed to talk to my mom several times a day and see her several times a week!

Gotta go run and call my mom and wish her a Happy Birthday!!!