Danny with Lillian (his newest favoritest niece) <3

Danny with Lillian (his newest favoritest niece) <3

Happy Birthday to my one and only brother, Danny!!! We are all excited to celebrate Danny's 35th birthday tonight- hopefully the Warriors give Danny a win for his birthday present. Growing up with four sisters probably wasn't easy, but Danny is so calm and laid-back that I don't think it ever really bothered him.

It has been super fun over the past couple of years watch Danny become the most fun, loving, and goofy uncle to Camilla and Clementine and I am grateful that Little Miss Lillian will receive some of his love as well. He has become one of the most dependable baby sitters for our family and is always willing to rearrange his busy real estate schedule to help out.

Recently, some of my most favorite times with Danny were when we played on a co-ed soccer team together with some friends. He is a phenomenal athlete and incredible leader, while still being a team player. I know he will be a great mentor and private soccer coach to LJP and I can't wait to see her running down the field, arms up in the air after scoring her first goal (Danny and I both play defense, so this would be a great way for me to fulfill my dreams of scoring a soccer goal [I did one time last season but since it was a forfeit game I couldn't really count it]).

For his birthday I want to get him a bag he can use as a diaper bag since I know he will be taking Lillian on walks and adventures around San Francisco. Oh, I forgot to mention that Danny is the best at giving gifts to our nieces- he has gotten a VW Bug Power Wheels, Bounce House, Tiffany Piggy Bank, and more! So, I especially want to get him something nice!

Happy Birthday, Danny!!!!

PS- Ladies, he is single!!