Happy Monday!!! From the bottom of my heart, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has sent us three all so much love, visited us in the hospital, texted, emailed, called, delivered food, sent cards, and said prayers for our Little Miss Lillian. We are extremely grateful!

It has been an amazing first week with LJP and we can't imagine life without her! I always said she was my lucky charm and it has proven to be true-- we had the most special labor experience!! It was like a dream come true. I need to collect my thoughts and chat with my mom and sisters (since they were all in the room) over the next few days and then I will share the full story (I think people want to hear it? I mean, we went through these 40 weeks together, right?). Let's just say that it was unlike anything I've ever experienced, fast, and at times, hilarious. Yes, of course I was laughing during some of it. And retelling some parts of the story with my mom and sisters leaves us all in tears of laughter!!

Okay, if you still don't believe that she is lucky, than how do you explain the Triple Crown Winner American Pharaoh? We've been saying she is our Triple Crown of the family!! If you have a job interview, first date, are traveling or just want some more good luck, you can come over and rub her head!!

I'd be remiss to not mention how incredible Jesse has been during this past week. Fatherhood looks good on him!! We make the perfect team and his patience has been awe-inspiring and has been what has gotten us through the last week! Our baby girl loves to sleep and we have to wake her up to feed her and his patience in doing this has made it go smoothly. Our skills are complimentary and we're always laughing or goofing around. I feel like I won the new-dad lottery!!! 

I thought I would share a few photos from the past week!! Stay tuned for LOTS more about those final last days of pregnancy, labor, must have products, and things I learned from the lactation consultant!



Lillian July Pedersen, 6/6/15 11:05pm 

Dad and LJP 

Bond, Jesse Bond and Princess Caroline leaving the hospital (I walked from our postpartum room out! I could have walked in heels but since there was no paparazzi it seemed silly). Because it was a Monday and everyone was at work, it was just the three of us and made for an intimate and memorable moment-- the two of us were a little in disbelief and emotional. Driving home was the most nerve racking and longest car ride of my entire life- I was worried it was too hot for her since it was that really warm Monday. 

LJP and me waiting for Jesse to get the car- they tried to charge him $90 for parking and he somehow got it down to $30 #luckycharmstrikesagain 

Welcome home sign from Claire and Mike- it's a tradition that she makes a sign with the baby's name- she did this for Camilla Mae and Clementine June

Jesse dressed Little Miss Lillian and decided to put socks on her hands. :)