Sharing the things we simply could not live without this first week:

one: bottles from Philips Avent. I've been fortunate enough to have a healthy milk supply and have had to pump to relieve some of the pressure. By the grace of God, I had received a lovely gift from Philips Avent with a pump, storage bags, bottle sterilizer, and lots of bottles. Without all of these great products I would have been very uncomfortfull!!

two: aiden and anais swaddle blankets. I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of their prints and patterns but these blankets are light weight and are great for swaddling, but I love the all white one to put over the front of the stroller to protect Little Miss Lillian from the wind.

three: Halo Sleep Sack. My best friend Rachel sent me a few gifts for LJP and included in there was this Halo Sleep Sack for Pottery Barn in pink polka dots. She has a baby girl and a boy on the way so she knows what works to keep babies swaddled! This is definitely going to the gift that I give to new parents!!

four: Little Giraffe "My First Blanket" These are hands down the softest blankets and are heavy weight and keep babies warm and cozy. I love wrapping her up in these blankets- we have it in white and grey. I might get something patterned like this Snow Leopard print.

five: Halo Swivel Bassinet. I've mentioned this before, but we love how this bassinet is narrow and swivels so that we can get easy access to her. Jesse and I were laughing because in our infant care class the instructor said that babies and mom usually wake up within two minutes of one another. Well, not always true. There have been a handful of times when Jesse has woken up before me and has had to climb over me to get to the bassinet- thankfully it has an adjustable height feature and he can reach her easily.

six: Uppa Baby Cruz and Bassinet Stroller. We've been out on a walk almost every day the past week and we couldn't have done it without our Uppa Baby stroller. I love the bassinet attachment so Lillian can lay flat and sleep. We have it in the red (no surprise) and I think it's great because everyone can spot it when we are crossing the street!!

seven: I NEVER would have guessed how much I would love and need the reusable water cup from the hospital. This thing has been a lifesaver! It's double-insulated so it never drips with condensation. It looks just like a reusable Big Gulp cup but has the UCSF Benioff Hospital logo on it. I fill it up and drink it while breast feeding. It has honestly been amazing to have!!

I'd love to hear from other moms about products you loved when you got home from the hospital!