It's time to celebrate the great victory of the Warriors, but hopefully we can take a lesson from the team and do it with sincerity and humility. I was so struck by the tone of the post-game press conference and interviews-- each player credited someone else-- God, the coaching staff, their families, and the team. I think it's finally starting to sink in for this team that all of their hard work finally paid off.

I have to say that the last couple of minutes of the game were torturous! I was just wishing for the game to end and have the Warriors win!! After that final buzzer when the team started celebrating and jumping up and down, I could not help but be brought back to 2003 when our team won the State Championship!! 

I am sure that everyone in the Warriors organization finally had a good night's sleep last night!! It's been a long journey and I am so happy for them!! Gratitude and humility can take you so far!! #strengthinnumbers