Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend celebrating the great family and friends in their life. We had an amazing weekend and spent Friday night with Jesse's parents and then on Saturday had breakfast with our friend Jackie at Le Marais Bakery on Chestnut and then headed up to Sonoma to meet my family for some sun! It was so great to relax in the 80 degree weather, take Lillian to VJB Winery, and take a nap! On Sunday, Jesse and I relaxed and then took Lillian for a nice long walk along the Embarcadero. It was the perfect Father's Day for our new dad!

I loved seeing everyone's posts on Instagram and Facebook about how special their father is. I especially loved that my newsfeed was full of posts about my friends' husbands who are new dads. I love seeing how happy everyone is!! But, the posts left me wanting more! I wanted to know about everyone's dad, grandfather, and husband. 

For my mom's birthday I wrote about ten things I learned from my mom and now I wanted to share the ten things I have learned from my dad-- the one and only Timoteo!!!! I know everyone who meets my dad falls in love with his humor and kind hearted spirit. We just feel so lucky that he's OUR dad!! 

One // Family is the most important thing in life. All of us Curran kids know that there isn't anything our dad wouldn't do for us. Whether it's driving to Lake Shasta to pick up Colleen from the dirty house boats to teaching us all about real estate to meeting us any where to help with car trouble, our dad always puts family first.

Two // Coaching is a calling. My dad has been coaching since he was fourteen years old! He coached all of us at some time or another. And the amazing thing is that he still coaches 3rd grade basketball, soccer and baseball although he has no kids on the team. For him, sharing his love of sports, teaching sportsmanship, and helping his players become likable and improve over the season is what makes this more than a hobby, but a passion and a calling.

Three / Don't let your ego get in the way. My dad is one of the most humble people I have ever met. His hard work in real estate only motivates him to work harder, rather than give him a feeling of superiority. His reputation for being considerate, loyal, fair and hard working is what has made him a mainstay in San Francisco real estate, despite challenging economic times. Sometimes I think my dad is even too modest!

Four // It's important to be financially responsible. My dad has never been frivolous with money and has taught us (or at least tried to) to spend wisely. He never buys anything fancy for himself and always thinks of others.

Five // Root, root, root for the home team! It's been fun in recent years (and weeks with the success of the Warriors) to cheer for Bay Area teams. As a San Francisco native, Tim has been a fan of Bay Area sports teams his entire life. It's a daily sight to walk into my parents house and see my dad working at the kitchen table on a crossword puzzle or brain teaser with either a Niners, Giants, Warriors, or Sharks game on.

Six // Be a good husband. My dad has always been the most thoughtful, loving, patient, and fun husband to my mom. We were lucky enough to grow up in a very loving home, with lots of laughter and crazy adventures. I'm so fortunate that he showed me how wonderful marriage can be.

Seven // Tahoe, Sonoma, and Disneyland are our family happy places. These three spots have become synonymous with magical memories for our family. But truly, any place would have been fun as long as we were together. My dad always made sure vacations were special for all of us and at times it felt like he enjoyed himself most of all.

Eight // A hard work ethic will get you very far. Working in real estate (or any commission based position) really tests your self-discipline, resolve, and motivation. I'm always amazed at how disciplined my dad is when it comes to working- I truly believe there is no one that works harder.

Nine // Physical labor is important, almost necessary. My parents love spending weekends in Sonoma and it's funny because my mom will read and drink wine and my dad is like a Tazmanian devil when it comes to doing work around the house. For him, it's his therapy. Picking the plums, trimming the hedges, cutting down trees, mowing the lawn- just a Saturday morning to-do list before he can sit down and turn on KNBR and listen to the Giants and relax.

Ten // Have fun! Very rarely will you find my dad in a bad mood. He's always so full of life, telling jokes, dancing, and celebrating the good things in life!! I am especially grateful that Little Miss Lillian will have a fun-loving Gamps!!

Thanks Tim, Timoteo, Dad, Gamps!! We love you!!!