Happy Wednesday! I am THRILLED to introduce one of the greatest gifts for expecting moms-- PUSH PACK!! I was fortunate enough to discover the perfect Push Pack just a few weeks before Lillian was born. In my previous post about what I was packing in my hospital bag (you can read it here) I realized (after delivery) that almost everything I had packed was for labor and I had hardly considered the items I would want to have after our Little Miss arrived! Thankfully I had the Push Pack with the pre- and post-labor essentials.

The thank you cards were perfect to thank the incredible medical staff. The pads, disposable underwear, and leaky nipple pads (ha! yes, uh huh, you're really going to want those items) were not items I thought to bring with me to the hospital. I was so fortunate that my mother and sister knew the big items I would need and generously gifted me sandals, blankets, a robe, comfy socks, and more.

The Push Pack from my new pal, founder, and entrepreneur Laura was like a gift from my fairy godmother! Because she was inspired by her personal experience of having three lovely daughters, she created the Push Pack so that we could all have a perfect post-labor experience. The Push Pack is compact and can fit in your hospital bag and comes in a vibrant green large cosmetics size bag. Since I've used all of the contents in the Push Pack I've repurposed the bag as my purse to slip in and out of the diaper bag. It's easy to find in the Mary Poppins diaper bag situation I have going on and it fits my cell phone, wallet, keys, gum, Advil, and chapstick perfectly!

I was fortunate enough to connect with Laura and was flattered to take some product shots for Push Pack! I think I'm 38 weeks in these photos! It's so fun to see my bump. I have to admit that throughout my pregnancy I never bared my stomach for photos or for the blog because it felt so scandalous to me! But at the Push Pack shoot with Laura, her darling three daughters, the Lola Creative Agency Team, and Jesse there, I felt like what better way to capture my bump in it's final days! I mean, when else was I going to have a professional photographer take and retouch my stomach, ha!!

I highly recommend gifting the Push Pack for yourself or friends and family who are expecting. It's the perfect present!


So, what is in the Push Pack? Push Pack contains:  Lather® shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, facial soap, makeup remover wipe, shaving cream & razor,  Crystal deodorant wipes, comb & hair band, Earth Mama Angel Baby® bottom balm, toothpaste & toothbrush, natural lip balm, breast pads, maxi pads, disposable underwear, nail file, playing cards, Motherlove Organic Nipple Cream®, notepad, thank you cards & pen, mints, lollypop, snacks, exclusive Cutest Baby Ever sticker for baby from Stickybellies.